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Police have launched an international hunt for the thieves and the loot taken from the Celtic and Roman Museum in Manching, Germany.
NASA's Orion spacecraft has been sending back up-close-and-personal photos of the moon like we've never seen before.
Jessica Wilczewski, who had only worked at the store for five days, said she observed the gunman shoot at people who were already on the ground.
Colorado Democrats have questioned why law enforcement did not use the law after the shooting suspect was arrested following a bomb threat in 2021.
The Coast Guard rescued the man in the Gulf of Mexico after he went missing the night before.
A Beijing court has sentenced singer Kris Wu to 13 years in prison on charges that include rape.
Wahab tapped into what she learned growing up in the foster care system to win her race and become the first Afghan American elected to the state Senate.
Unconfirmed reports of lockdowns in at least some districts of the Chinese capital have fueled demand for food and other supplies.
Republicans have secured control of the U.S. House of Representatives but their exact majority is still unknown.
Gamers can play as Rittenhouse "using a highly specialized laser gun to strike down any turkey that spreads lies, propaganda, or liberal bias," says the developer.
Mexican prosecutors are also seeking to get the friend extradited to the country.
Some Kyiv residents resorted to collecting rainwater from drainpipes, as repair teams labored to reconnect supplies.

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