Therapists say making these changes will pave the way to a stronger and happier bond.
For fans of Pleasant Rowland's American Girl dolls, nostalgia is just one piece of the puzzle.
Kids who take pains to make their parents happy risk growing into adults who prioritize other people's feelings and wants over their own.
Many find the now-viral video relatable, while others are getting overly huffy about it.

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The California Republican was suddenly removed from his post, the first time the House has voted its speaker out in the chamber's history.
The tennis star complained about the “pathetic parody of women” before taking a swipe at transgender women.
The gossip kicked off after fans noticed she briefly unfollowed the “One Kiss” singer on Instagram.
The AI website’s algorithm judged multiple opinion pieces from a white nationalist site to have “very high” reliability, among other concerning grades.
Prosecutors allege the 31-year-old stole funds from FTX, a crypto exchange he founded, both for personal use and to cover losses at a separate hedge fund.
“OK, but still. He was a complete jerk,” she said after being chided for using a more vulgar insult about the former president.
American college student Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos was detained in Dubai after allegedly touching an airport security officer's arm.
The Florida Republican who orchestrated the ouster of Kevin McCarthy immediately criticized his short-term replacement.
It’s unclear whether the remains will lead authorities to try to prosecute Barry Morphew again for murder — or will point to another potential suspect.
The California Republican could have drawn support from Democrats, but their goodwill reserves were empty.
The “Late Show” host used the former president’s own words in a very unexpected way.
The multi-nation hosting of the 2030 World Cup will celebrate the soccer tournament's 100th birthday by opening at 1930 site Uruguay.