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The state that recently led the country in COVID-19 deaths wants to spend its relief funds on incarceration instead.
The top U.S. military officer told Congress he knew former President Donald Trump wasn’t planning to attack China.
"He’s not listening to us, he’s listening to Big Money," one group said. "That’s why we’re here at his yacht in D.C.”
The money will provide restitution to passengers after immigration agents boarded buses.
Negotiations between the U.S. and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have languished since 2019.
The former guy once again claimed to win a war that never existed.
The singer reportedly experienced an E.T. encounter that was "warm and loving and accepting."
"Today is school picture day so my kids wore their favorite toothpaste on their shirts."
That's why it would be a "disaster" if Trump regained the White House, said newly retired DHS official Brian Murphy.
In July, a jury found Jarrod Ramos criminally responsible for killing five in June 2018.
Monday's performance was the first staged work by a Black composer in the history of a company that launched in 1883.
The Senate GOP leader cited "mountains of evidence" showing coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective.

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