There's been a big shift in the CDC's recommendation for people who are sick — and infectious disease experts have thoughts.
You already know drinking coffee late in the day can keep you up. But you’ll be surprised at these sneaky sleep disruptors.
Want to live a long and healthy life? It's worth prioritizing these kinds of exercises.
A Willy Wonka-themed event went viral this week after attendees called it a "scam." Experts say there are warning signs in cases like this.


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The agency is emphasizing that people should still try to prevent infections in the first place, by getting vaccinated, washing their hands, and bringing in more outdoor fresh air.
The father pleaded not guilty to allegations he slipped a depressant into the smoothies of his child's 12-year-old friends.
While global emissions hit a record in 2023, advanced economies’ climate pollution fell to 1973 levels.
"America needs someone with the right values, vigor, and judgment to serve as our next President," the Alaska Republican senator said Friday.
The front-runner in the Republican presidential primary contest said he would give officers immunity to carry out his plan.
Authorities said they are "confident" that Madeline Soto was killed the morning of her disappearance.
An enhancement does not apply to the sentence of one insurrectionist, raising questions about many others convicted of Jan. 6-related crimes.
With royal rumors swirling this week, it seems like most internet users’ preferred form of exercise is jumping to conclusions.
Russian authorities still haven’t announced the cause of death for Navalny.
The "Daily Show" host's on-air tribute came as a "total surprise" to everyone at the New York City shelter, which is currently overcapacity.
"We need to know what's going to happen before it, before the presidency happens," she said of the former president's legal cases.
"(Seconds before getting raptured) okay so phone, keys, wallet"

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