The changes in brain chemistry are proof alone that suicidality should be treated like any other urgent health issue.
How the term momcore started, how it evolved into something problematic and where it stands today.
Some places are so special that even the most adventurous travelers can't help but revisit.

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The nation's governing pro-independence Scottish National Party has elected Humza Yousaf, making him the first person of color to hold the title.
"What happened on that day was as close to an attempted insurrection as we’ve seen in a very long time," Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) said.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump Jr. and others used the mass shooting to rail against health care for trans people.
The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning HBO series reportedly will continue its tradition of filming in exotic locations.
Rep. Andy Ogles, who represents the district where The Covenant School shooting occurred, posted a Christmas photo with his family toting guns in 2021.
Maxwell Frost delivered a "furious" rebuke of Republicans on the House floor following the latest school mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.
As with all stages of parenting, nothing can prepare you for the reality of dealing with a teen. Sometimes, a good sense of humor is the best tool in your arsenal.
“Thank you for letting me be your Django, man,” Foxx told the filmmaker.
Police shot the suspect and took him to a Lisbon hospital, where he remains in custody.
Police arrested a suspect in the attack that occurred in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.
Critics shined a harsh light on Fox News contributor Miranda Devine for calling Trump a "sunny person."
Sean Hannity asked the former president about his "death & destruction" and baseball bat posts targeting the Manhattan district attorney.