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Rep. Adam Schiff, a more moderate Democrat, has capitalized on Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Barbara Lee’s competition for the progress mantle.
Federal law requires long-haul truckers to be at least 21, but Congress wants more drivers as young as 18 into a Transportation Department pilot program.
Miley Cyrus' mom said she began smoking at 46 but wishes she would've started sooner.
It might not actually be the best way to show your furry friend affection. Here's what a veterinary behaviorist recommends.
There were jubilant scenes of celebrations all over France as women’s rights activists hailed the measure, which was approved in an overwhelming 780-72 vote.
The Alaska Republican urged voters to not give up on former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s candidacy.
The Justice Department sued to block the merger last year, saying it would reduce competition and drive up fares, especially for travelers who depend on low-fare Spirit.
The former president cited a statistic that was truly unbelievable.
"That’s what you do,” the ex-Michigan Wolverine said.
It’s “one of the things that should worry everybody about Donald," the former president's niece told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
Bob Melvin made the move in a sports region where Colin Kaepernick ignited protests during the anthem.
“The Batman” star explained why the concept is “a welcome moment” for the film industry.

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