The "Vampire Diaries" star shared a health update from the hospital on Monday.
"I just don’t feel comfortable until things change," the "Uncut Gems" actor said of her decision to remain celibate.
The rule is the first major update to national standards for gas furnaces in four decades.
It turns out that even he's not nuts enough to actually take the stand.
Mar-Jac Poultry, where a 16-year-old boy was killed last year, is again accused of violating federal labor laws with the alleged teenagers' hiring in Alabama.
The president condemned top war crimes prosecutor Karim Khan for seeking "outrageous" arrest warrants for Israeli leaders over their actions in Gaza.
Instagram, Twitter and TikTok don’t protect LGBTQ+ users from harassment, according to a new GLAAD report — and AI could make it worse.
Trillions of dollars will be on the bargaining table in 2024. More than 100 progressive groups say it’s a window of opportunity.
The best part of waking up should not include Rudy Coffee in your cup.
"I believe that’s the take they used in the show," Curtis recalled of working with Ayo Edebiri on the Hulu series.
John Banuelos is the first Jan. 6 defendant charged with firing a gun during the riot.
“She was too young to know when a stranger asks you how you are, you’re supposed to say, ‘I’m fine,’ and move on.”

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