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However, the ICC prosecutors weren't authorized to investigate the accusation of genocide.
North Korean negotiator Kim Myong Gil didn’t clearly say whether the North would accept the supposed U.S. offer.
A regional council member in the Italian city pointed out the sad irony in a Facebook post.
The RNC’s apparent selection of the Miami area property will again use political events to put money in Trump’s pocket.
"Watching Fox News in primetime is like watching one of Trump's dreams come true," said CNN's Brian Stelter.
Laurence Tribe also described Trump as “essentially an anti-president.”
The CNN host also warned against becoming distracted during the impeachment inquiry.
The president's refusal to release those financial documents has dogged him for years.
The vice president said the Trump administration remains "resolved to bring this scourge of school shootings to an end."
Uygur said he was going to represent "people in a way that they have not seen before."
Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, 28, was held at a Michigan detention center for three days despite carrying a U.S. passport.
The tech giant said the decision behind the JEDI contract "contained clear deficiencies, errors and unmistakable bias."

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