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Be careful not to rush into a "turbo relationship" during the pandemic or you may end up getting a "covidivorce."
There are some similarities between coronavirus and flu transmission, but also a few scary and distinct differences.
It's not just a side dish! Make it the main course with recipes for soup, pasta, mac and cheese, chili and more.
"Now that we're headed into winter, I'm going to live that 'mysterious heiress in a haunted hotel' vibe."
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"My deepest and greatest sadness is for the American people,” Schumer said just before Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation.
One officer was hospitalized with a broken leg after she was struck by a truck during the unrest, authorities said.
"That's the lowest," the late night host said, but he still joked about the break-in at his Los Angeles theater.
The attack happened as a prominent religious scholar was delivering a lecture about the teachings of Islam.
These books, she said, are ones that have the "ability to comfort, inspire, and enlighten."
Trump is apparently bored of COVID-19 but he's still talking about Hillary Clinton's emails.
“We are better than this. Aren’t we?" asked Max Boot of The Washington Post.
Roy Wood Jr. continued counting down Trump White House controversies on "The Daily Show."
"The Halloween decorations in my yard are all tombstones with plans I had for 2020 written on them."
Twitter users call out the president's son-in-law and adviser for his racist comments.
"The Late Show" host turned one of the president's boasts back on him.
"Plenty of people without college degrees" would make better presidents than Trump, the New York Democrat said.

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