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Shark attacks on humans are very rare, especially fatal ones, though several have been reported in recent months. One expert offered possible reasons why.
The officer in Reform, Alabama, has been placed on administrative leave.
Ibrahim Dahman fled Gaza with his wife and children last month after reporting on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.
The House speaker offered a remarkable statement in support of those who rioted at the Capitol in 2021.
Some fans accused Rockstar Games of trying to be "woke" with the release of the game's trailer.
The attempt by the Republican governor and presidential candidate to score points left many wondering if that state money could be better spent.
The former U.N. ambassador has been climbing in the GOP polls, but there's still a big gap between her numbers and Trump's.
Several of the court’s conservative justices seemed skeptical of an argument against taxing undistributed income from investments in foreign companies.
The former GOP congresswoman has warned repeatedly about the risks of allowing Donald Trump another term in the White House.
The British singer, songwriter and guitarist was also a founding member of the Moody Blues.
Dr. Amy Cohen is accused of sending flyers to relatives of a woman who is dating her ex-boyfriend and of starting a fire at the girlfriend's grandmother's home.
Nicaraguan police claim the director rigged contests in favor of anti-government beauty queens as part of a plot to overthrow the brutally repressive government.