There are many theories as to why we have shots for the coronavirus but not HIV. Here's what's really happening.
You're not alone if you're dreading this inbox greeting right now.
These two German shepherds will be the first dogs of the United States.
In which we debunk the assumption that daily home-cooked meals automatically grant higher levels of joy.
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The new president is quickly undoing some of Trump's most controversial policies.
He wasted no time in ensuring that millions of Americans were not forced out on the streets during the pandemic.
One of them was from "The Terminator," the other from a lesser-appreciated entry in Schwarzenegger's film catalog.
Greening supply chains and investing in carbon removal are ways the U.S. can restore faith in climate leadership.
He signed the order ending the bar on travel from several Muslim-majority countries on his first day in office.
The order tells federal agencies to apply discrimination protections to sexual orientation and gender identity.
The New York senator now leads a razor-thin Democratic majority in the upper chamber.
The anchor also made a pointed comment about the president's words on "lies that are told for power and ... for profit."
A look inside QAnon’s virtual inauguration watch party, which went horribly wrong.
The late-night host also gives the former president a musical sendoff.
Viewers celebrated a return to normality, an end to "alternative facts" and a lack of boasts about inaugural crowd size.
The circumstances around the deadly UH-60 Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopter crash are under investigation.

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