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"Bad policy we can overcome as a country we have in the past. Bad character is something which is very difficult to overcome,” the Utah Republican said.
Navalny, who is serving a 19-year term on charges of extremism, has been behind bars since January 2021.
The CNN anchor made an on-air offer to Vance after the Ohio senator declared that Republicans weren't trying to bar people from accessing birth control.
The "Last Week Tonight" host imagined Henry working in America in 2023 and it's... not good.
The freshman guard came off the bench for the Trojans and played in front of his superstar father LeBron James.
The secretary of state also claimed the U.S. cares about protecting Palestinian civilians, but just bypassed Congress to approve more arms sales to Israel.
The award went to Jonathan Glazer’s chilling Auschwitz-set drama.
Japanese anime master Hayao Miyazaki is No. 1 at the North American box office for the first time in his decades-spanning career.
The journalist reality checked the retiring Republican lawmaker over his comment.
Biden has asked Congress for a $110 billion package of wartime funding for Ukraine.
Yet the story behind the festive mega-hit is not all holly and mistletoe.
Jones was banned from the platform in 2018 for spreading lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting, which killed 26 people.