Neurologists explain why this popular hairstyle can make your head hurt.
Food & Drink
From sugar cookies to peppermint, these recipes are the tried-and-true favorites of food bloggers.
Don't be too honest, but do come prepared to sell your value.
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Got wrinkles or sun spots? Dermatologists explain the powers and limitations of creams versus Botox and lasers.
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The head of the luggage company said she was “appalled to read” her own messages to former employees.
Saudi King Salman said the attack does not reflect "the feelings of the Saudi people."
American Bridge, which focuses on opposition research, is targeting races in Texas, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania.
U.S. News
The Navy said several other people had been injured in the incident in Pensacola.
Reports suggested the monarch would hand over duties to her 71-year-old son, Prince Charles.
The 16-year-old climate activist arrived in Madrid by train after sailing by catamaran across the Atlantic.
U.S. News
Most of the nearly 2,300 people who suffered lung damage had vaped liquids containing THC, according to officials.
State officials are investigating who was involved in photo of a recent correctional officer training class.
“The president is a master at projecting," Pelosi told CNN's Jake Tapper after Trump claimed she'd had "a nervous fit."
Queer Voices
He claims his bill will “bridge that gap” between preventing discrimination and allowing religion to inform decisions.
U.S. News
A Southern California woman tried to pry open a mountain lion's jaws as it attacked her dog in her Simi Valley backyard.
"This whole Trump team is corrupt," former lawmaker David Jolly told MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

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