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The Texas Supreme Court has put on hold a judge’s ruling that approved an abortion for a pregnant woman whose fetus has a fatal diagnosis.
Israeli officials said they were searching for Hamas militants, but some men simply have not been able to leave or are afraid to travel.
McCarthy, who depended on Trump’s backing to become speaker after a grueling 15-vote spectacle in January, has often made his way back to the former president.
The actor was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for 1970's "Love Story," and appeared in classics like "Paper Moon," "Barry Lyndon" and "What's Up, Doc?"
A new bill aims to offer more consumer protections for ticket buyers, amid long-standing complaints about primary ticketing companies and resale marketplaces.
A Republican operative called Trump's repeated refusals “an intentional slap in the face” to the RNC.
The smack, part of a pivotal scene in 2014's "Foxcatcher," left Tatum with a popped eardrum.
You might be tempted to dismiss the threat of an ACA repeal. That would be a serious mistake.
In a season of films with callously misunderstood female characters, Emma Stone’s latest aims to understand one who rejects all norms.
Ethan Crumbley, 17, killed four students and wounded more at Oxford High School in 2021.
Thanks to policy changes, more and more of the country's megarich are keeping their wealth in the family.
Lizbeth Medina's mother said she suspects her daughter knew her killer, stating that there were no sign of forced entry.