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An effort to make up for decades of discriminatory policies is moving ahead in the North Carolina city.
The TV host responded to the backlash by saying he did not condone "hate speech nor the spread of hateful rhetoric."
Merck CEO Ken Frazier said his company's most recent vaccine against Ebola took more than five years to produce.
The president also told CBS News that people who "like the Confederate flag" are thinking about NASCAR, not slavery.
The Fox News host announced a fishing trip after his top writer's racist messages were exposed.
The movies you may have forgotten about, but shouldn't have.
Amber Ruffin explained the hilarious reason why on "Jokes Seth Can't Tell."
The basketball Hall of Famer's move to pull over and wait for first responders was a slam dunk.
Communities most impacted by COVID-19 could see even worse outcomes if they reopen schools too quickly.
The right-wing radio host brings the Donner Party into the picture for some reason.

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