It’s believed that the number of people injured is likely higher, the Iowa Department of Public Safety said Wednesday.
The bill would nearly triple funding for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division over 10 years.
Crockett is one of multiple first-term Democrats on the House oversight committee who are turning the tables on pugnacious Republicans.
The former "Seinfeld" star said the Black man who told him he "wasn’t funny" echoed his own anxiety. "I felt put down. I wanted to put him down."
The airline said attorneys made an "error" in a filing that said a 9-year-old girl was "at fault" after a flight attendant allegedly filmed her using the bathroom.
Capitol Police and a hazardous materials team responded and will be investigating the contents and their sender.
Not only has Biden outpaced Trump with the number of judges confirmed by this point in his presidency, but he's infused the nation’s courts with unprecedented diversity.
Henry Cavill portrayed the character in Netflix’s fantasy-drama since Season 1 but will be replaced by the “Hunger Games” alum in Season 4.
The House speaker, an evangelical in a special “covenant marriage,” spoke up, though, against the ex-president’s trial.
The police chief at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been reassigned amid criticism of his handling of campus demonstrations.
In Jerusalem, meanwhile, a far-right government minister paid a provocative visit to a flashpoint holy site sacred to Jews and Muslims.
"I'm doing my dream job and I'm getting to travel the world, but then I'm hyper aware of what's happening in Rafah at the moment."

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