While the football player’s speech garnered widespread criticism from his teammates and others, he maintained that he does not regret what he said.
“I am at a loss for words,” PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said.
The rapper, who has since been freed, shared multiple videos as she was held in Europe amid her world tour.
The influencer called "The AK Guy" is an unorthodox match for a district where one of the nation's worst mass shootings occurred. GOP voters might pick him anyway.
The 80-year-old director rejected the notion that his "Star Wars" films aren't diverse and pointed to a handful of actors — and droids — to make his point.
The request follows a false claim by Trump earlier this week that the FBI agents who searched his home in August 2022 were “authorized to shoot me.”
“By displaying the upside-down and ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flags outside his homes, Justice Alito actively engaged in political activity,” they said to the chief justice.
Thomas Perez Jr.'s father was alive and well when police in California sought a confession for his killing, Perez's attorney said.
Humanitarian groups are scrambling to get food to Palestinians as some 900,000 people flee Rafah, scattering across central and southern Gaza.
The flag used to be a Revolutionary War symbol, but has now become a symbol of the far-right.
The former president busted out a move to Sam & Dave's "Hold On I'm Coming."
Period costume? Check. British accent? Check. Charm and fanciness for days? Check and check.

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