Here's what doctors with children really think of distance learning versus in-person learning during the pandemic.
HuffPost Parents talked to Emily Oster about how to think through some of those decisions.
Natural hair bias exists, and now there's proof that it affects the hiring process.
One of Instagram’s most popular food bloggers shares three plant-based recipes from her latest cookbook.
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The blast took three hospitals out and left three others working at partial capacity in the middle of a pandemic.
After an arduous journey to the U.S., Osamah Mahyoub was initially denied protection by immigration officials.
The Democratic duo exited their first joint appearance to "Move On Up," a song West sampled in his hit, "Touch The Sky."
It looks like the “Dawson’s Creek” star is thirsty for political change.
Marjorie Taylor Greene won the GOP nomination for the state’s 14th Congressional District on Tuesday.
An investigation into the shooting, which left a pilot with a minor injury, is now underway, authorities said.
A legal opinion protected energy companies from being prosecuted for unintentionally killing migratory bird species.
Leslie David Baker, a.k.a. Stanley, received the messages during his campaign to finance a spinoff.
Ellen's show is currently under investigation over allegations by former employees about its “toxic work environment."
The Fleetwood Mac chanteuse deemed the coronavirus "a real American Horror Story" and urged fans to wear masks.
Might the royal have a future in U.S. politics?

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