As wildfire smoke covers parts of the U.S., veterinary experts share their advice for keeping your dogs, cats and birds safe and healthy.
As large regions of the U.S. face another smoky day, here's what doctors advise to keep children safe.
For Californians, there's a jarring familiarity and strangeness to seeing the wildfire smoke from Canada engulf the Northeast.
There's a type of HVAC filter that can keep smoke from entering your home, and it's as simple to use as replacing your current filter.
Even short-term exposure to bad air poses major risks to your respiratory health.
The health hazards of wildfire smoke are real and wide-ranging. Here's what you should know.
Experts share how to deal with stress over the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace.
Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is hard. These pet parents thought of creative ways to honor them.

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The former president's attorneys called the award grossly excessive and said it should be reduced to less than $1 million.
Radio host Chris Stigall burst out laughing over the remark as he explained the cause of the slip-up by RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann.
The shark was later caught and authorities are examining it in a laboratory to try and determine the reasons for the rare attack.
A white Florida woman charged with shooting and killing her Black neighbor told detectives that she called the victim’s children by racist slurs, according to an arrest report.
Five teenagers were helicoptered to hospital following the walkway collapse in Surfside Beach, about 60 miles south of Houston.
Police tracked down Jacob Pursifull with the help of a social media video that appears to show him jumping into the park’s gator enclosure in Florida.
The stand-up star dated former NBC executive Ted Harbert for four years until they split in 2010.
Conservatives can't stand that McCarthy cut a debt ceiling deal with Joe Biden that passed the House with Democratic votes.
“My training is that you run toward the sound of gunshots,” Coral Springs Sgt. Jeffrey Heinrich told the court. “It was just instinct.”
The first 1,000 feet of buoys will be placed in the Rio Grande at the city of Eagle Pass.
The Daily Show captured the lowlights of the televangelist's career well before his death at age 93.