When can your child receive the vaccine? Is it safe? What about boosters? Here's what parents need to know.
Yes, there's a difference between emergency use authorization and approval.
The actor and her husband, Andrew Upton, have three sons and a daughter.
You're justified if you have a lot of questions. Here, experts answer all of them.
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“The myth of shared values is coming to an end,” a Palestinian American activist said.
A reviewer called "The Killing Of Georgie (Part III)" “well-intentioned, and a towering achievement in the field of no.”
The WHO head has urged wealthy nations to donate vaccines where front-line health care workers can't get access.
"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.
Big Tech needs to take more decisive action against the "Disinformation Dozen," says the group that identified them.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told a reporter that Marjorie Taylor Greene “needs some help” from a “proper professional.”
Maybe the House minority leader could use a few more zzzzzs to clear his head.
"Thank you Arthur for the gay rat wedding," one Twitter user politely wrote.
Prosecutors say Ryan Scott Blinston returned to clients’ homes after completing work and slashed throats of residents.
The associate of the Florida Republican faced 33 counts for crimes including sex trafficking of a child and wire fraud.
"CDC said I don’t have to wear a bra ever again either."
Stitt was taken off the panel after he signed a bill banning the teaching of racism concepts in public schools.

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