"I want this holiday to be less about freaking out and forcing fun, and more about loosening my grip."
The far-right conspiracy theory has been seeping into anti-vaccination pages all over social media.
It's Personal
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The collapse stunned many scientists who had relied on what was until recently the largest radio telescope in the world.
The Trump campaign has been using shady legal language buried in the solicitations to donors.
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The companies would be required have at least two diverse directors.
The newspaper's editorial board slammed Republicans for ignoring the president's election rant on Fox News.
Joseph diGenova attacked Chris Krebs, who was fired by the president after declaring the election had been secure.
The Trump sycophant alleged "election interference" when complaining about the media taking a side.
The Republican governor heard plenty from the president on Twitter later.
But "it’s not a game, it’s our democracy," the former president warned.
"We've got plenty of time" to overturn the election, said Donald Trump's daughter-in-law.
Neera Tanden, the likely nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget, is drawing opposition on Capitol Hill.

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