A new children's book adaptation and continuation of a British detective series are also trending on the streaming service.
A new dance competition series and a Korean revenge thriller are also trending on the streaming service.
"Rage applying" might be a stress relief in the moment, but your actions can backfire and cost you.
People may be able to purchase the treatment at their pharmacy in the coming months — a change experts are celebrating.

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The paper's Maggie Haberman said the former president does "not want to face getting arrested, which is what happens when you get indicted."
The driver was 16. All of the victims, who were siblings and cousins from Connecticut and New York, range from ages 8 to 17.
"He has had two jobs," the senator told NBC’s "Meet the Press." "One is to deal with monetary policy. One is to deal with regulation. He has failed at both."
The "Phantom of the Opera" composer will miss the Broadway premiere of his new musical to be with family.
It's not just a government problem — but they are the most influential players in this game.
The Palestinian prime minister said Bezalel Smotrich's remarks were “conclusive evidence of the extremist, racist Zionist ideology that governs" Israel.
“He’s not talking in a harmful way, and nobody should," the House Speaker said.
Police say one student was fatally shot and another injured when a third student opened fire outside a Dallas-area high school Monday.
Sharpe, who is British and Japanese, said musician Japanese Breakfast’s moving memoir about biracial identity and grief “felt very familiar to me."
"We'll learn from it and move on," the driver said after what one outlet called a "bonkers meltdown."
CEO Andy Jassy said the second phase of the company's annual planning process completed this month and led to the additional job cuts.
Bankhead says he has a "love-hate relationship" with how TikTok has impacted choreography and the dance world.