The former president's appearance will mark the ninth time that he has addressed National Rifle Association members at a major public gathering.
Rep. Tom Cole, the recently installed House Appropriations chair, is up against a self-funded candidate who Cole says is a carpetbagger.
The Democratic House minority leader said the Supreme Court justice should apologize for displaying a symbol associated with the "Stop The Steal" movement at his home.
More than two-thirds of their donations have flowed to Republican candidates or causes.
The now-sober "Jackass" alum recently asked Maher to refrain from smoking weed while he appeared on Maher's podcast.
The "absolute dinosaur" of a gator was spotted on a trail frequented by Florida schoolchildren.
The 2016 footage, obtained by CNN, shows the rapper throwing his singer-songwriter girlfriend to the floor, kicking her twice and dragging her down the hall.
Employees believe the retailer, known for its progressive image, is using "performance improvement plans" to force them out.
The Kansas City Chiefs were already set to celebrate their Super Bowl win in Washington when the kicker gave a bigoted speech last week.
"If Arizona authorities can’t find me by tomorrow morning ... They must dismiss the indictment," the Donald Trump ally said shortly beforehand.
Trump urged gun owners to vote in the 2024 election as he addressed thousands of members of the National Rifle Association.
Tavia Hunt quoted the Bible while defending Butker's commencement speech, in which he called diversity initiatives a "tyranny" and urged women to stay home.

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