Mornings set the tone for the day. Here's how to use them to boost your mood and weather hard times.
The chef also shared why the current state of restaurant affairs isn’t as bad as we all think it is.
These easy shoes are perfect for our post-slippers return to society.
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Afghans who worked with Americans have said they fear for their lives after Biden announced the withdrawal of troops.
Letting private companies lease public infrastructure can go wrong. Just look at Chicago’s parking meters.
Five months in, the president has quietly hit a milestone in filling lifetime seats on federal courts.
The "pre-planned vehicular assault" violated law prohibiting the coordinated intimidation of voters, the suit charges.
Guns on the floor were among several "security concerns" listed in the report by Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.
The vandalism might be the second time Patriot Front fascists have defaced Floyd's image this month.
The Republican congressman quoted Jefferson as saying "facts are stubborn things," but that was John Adams.
An agent feared the state might take the gold for itself if the feds asked for permission, according to court documents.
Her Instagram post was the first time she's spoken publicly since revealing the details of her conservatorship in court.
A herd of cows broke out of a meatpacking plant and stampeded through a Los Angeles suburb. One escaped with her life.
Anniston said that it felt like the actor, who she did not name, was “coming into our home and just sh***ing on it.”
The singer said he sees himself as "some form of being bisexual," and hasn't felt rejected by the Mormon church.

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