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The onslaught of bad news — from the abortion rights ruling to mass shootings to COVID — can lead to a unique type of burnout.
Experts weigh in on social media's effects on the skin care industry, and why patients need to question the "advice" of their favorite influencers.
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At least 7,000 evacuated from Afghanistan last year are still in a temporary refuge in the United Arab Emirates. They have no idea if or when they’ll leave.
The man wore a Disney name tag and wanted to "show weaknesses" in the theme park's security, according to police.
The American Airlines customer grew so frustrated with its mobile app, website and chat platform that he drove to the airport after spending four hours on hold.
Animal trainer Bhagavan "Doc" Antle was the focus of a Netflix documentary spin-off to "Tiger King" in 2021.
Great white shark carcasses have been washing up off the coast of South Africa with their livers and sometimes hearts removed.
A U.S. Navy investigation looked at how fuel from a tank farm leaked into a water well.
"In response, I just want to say: Clarence Thomas can suck it," the "Late Show" host said.
The state attorney general’s office stated that gender confirmation treatments are not “deeply rooted in our history or traditions,” and therefore should be banned.
Many ultra-conservative Republicans were badly beaten on Tuesday, losing a battle — though perhaps not the war — for an even more radical GOP.
The sweeping inquiry of the police unit that inspired TV’s “Law & Order: SVU” comes following years of complaints about the way they treat crime victims.
Kaitlin Armstrong was taken into custody at a hostel and will be returned to the U.S. to face charges in Anna Moriah Wilson’s death, the U.S. Marshals said.
A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex denied that Meghan had bullied royal aides in a statement to HuffPost last year.

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