Feel like you're constantly being asked to accept cookies from every website you visit? We asked experts if it's safe.
The onslaught of bad news — from the abortion rights ruling to mass shootings to COVID — can lead to a unique type of burnout.
Experts weigh in on social media's effects on the skin care industry, and why patients need to question the "advice" of their favorite influencers.
Prevent foodborne illness, dangerous fires and other hazards.

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“Most of the sick people in this outbreak live in or traveled to Florida about a month before they got sick," the CDC said as it asked for the public's help.
The nation’s first mobile “Test to Treat” program, launched Thursday, will expand to 30 locations by the end of July.
"The Daily Show" host scorched the high court for one of its last rulings before summer recess.
Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he thinks Trump and his allies are "very concerned and very nervous right now."
The Senate Republican leader voted for a bipartisan semiconductor bill but said he'll oppose it if Democrats try to advance a new version of Build Back Better.
Witnesses told investigators that after the injury, Giambi became “very emotional, very negative and would let the smallest things ruin his day.”
The "Late Night" host focused on star Jan. 6 hearing witness Cassidy Hutchinson's account of a conversation she had with a White House attorney.
"This is the time to get in the fight, and it starts on a local level," the actor said.
The American Airlines customer grew so frustrated with its mobile app, website and chat platform that he drove to the airport after spending four hours on hold.
Many ultra-conservative Republicans were badly beaten on Tuesday, losing a battle — though perhaps not the war — for an even more radical GOP.
Kaitlin Armstrong was taken into custody at a hostel and will be returned to the U.S. to face charges in Anna Moriah Wilson’s death, the U.S. Marshals said.

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