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The decision preemptively blocks resumption of a Trump-era policy that the former president hasn’t ruled out if voters return him to the White House next year.
For those with loved ones in Ukraine, the debate is more than political.
“We hope that her life and career will serve as an inspiration for others to follow their dreams and passions," her family said.
The 26-year-old woman was arrested for second-degree arson and interfering with government property following the scare in Atlanta.
Lizbeth Medina's mother said she suspects her daughter knew her killer, stating that there were no sign of forced entry.
"I think my kids got 'Christmas list' and 'prayer requests' mixed up."
The disgraced conspiracy theorist got a platform on Carlson's X show and told a nude doozy about the president.
The tech billionaire has targeted Iger since Disney temporarily suspended advertising on X over an antisemitic post made by Musk.
Suozzi, a centrist from Long Island, had to mend fences with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) to get the nod.
Officials are worried Israel is seeking U.S. weapons for a war in Lebanon, and analysts say an uptick in attacks tied to Iran risks ensnaring the U.S. in a major conflict.
The rare and fleeting spectacle, late Monday into early Tuesday, should be visible to millions of people.