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The Fox News host absurdly accused Biden of allowing migrants into the U.S. to "change the racial mix of the country."
"Trump has now basically confirmed that the tax returns the Times published really were his."
Cary Fukunaga cited a disturbing scene in the franchise’s past “that wouldn’t fly today.”
The former White House press secretary tweeted a graph showing a rise in murders in 2020 and blamed Biden.
The “Watermelon Sugar” singer spotted a sign in the audience that asked: "Should I text him?" Styles had some thoughts.
As temperatures continue to rise, so too are feelings of anxiety, depression and despair about our planet’s future.
A FreedomWorks official told HuffPost that the conservative organization terminated Brandon Prenzlin after his arrest.
The sequel promises more of eccentric zookeeper and big cat collector Joe Exotic, who is now in prison.
"These men reduced me to an outdated, incorrect stereotype, as if I was only there to perform a specific task."
AB 701 is meant to protect workers from being penalized for taking breaks or using the bathroom.
They got a lot of what they fought for, but they didn’t get everything.
The groundbreaking director ushered in the “Blaxploitation” wave of the 1970s and influenced many filmmakers.

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