The former president's attempt to defend himself took a turn outside court Tuesday.
The 10-year-old's portrayal of young Simba has been met with a blistering response, with criticisms leveled at her singing and the costume.
Authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area arrested Tuen Kit Lee more than 16 years after he fled Massachusetts following a conviction for sexually assaulting a coworker.
The fast food giant claims media reports have exaggerated its price increases.
The “M3gan” star broke down how the seemingly annoying Marnie Michaels was “ahead of her time.”
Lily Basil died from a gunshot wound to her shoulder after being shot by an AR-15-style rifle, police said.
The former president lashed out after the actor called him “a tyrant” and “a coward."
Ashley Parmeley, 36, told law officers she had drowned her toddler son, who was found at a hotel resort, and shot her older daughter, a Missouri sheriff reported.
"We need to do whatever we can to combat all of this. My research shows we have a huge problem on our hands."
The world’s top male golfer was arrested and handcuffed in Louisville during the PGA Championship earlier this month.
While Donald Trump stands trial for criminal charges, a U.K. leader is accused of falling off his paddleboard deliberately.
The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seated courtside at Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.

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