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There are a few scenarios where Trump's high hairstyling bill would actually make sense, according to these experts.
Here's what you need to know if you're dropping off your ballot at a polling location or voting in-person.
"I had no idea that so much of my married life would be spent rearranging the dishwasher."
There's a complex relationship between fatigue and mental health. Here's how to tell if your lethargy is something more.
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There was no "economic populist agenda” once Trump was elected, wrote the former RNC spokesman. 
People with huge debts aren't usually granted security clearance, Timothy O'Brien says.
When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite.
In his new book, Rick Gates wrote that the president even polled the idea twice.
Paying his children as "outside consultants" was one of many ways Trump avoided paying taxes, according to the NYT.
Wilbur Ross announced the end of the census despite a federal judge's ruling that it should continue.
The protesters threw molotov cocktails during a demonstration marking International Safe Abortion Day.
"I don’t see that happening,” Ernst said during Iowa's Senate campaign debate.
Twenty years after medication abortion was approved in the U.S., patients are still jumping through hoops to access it.
Catholic activists are worried that teens will think it's okay to have sex before marriage if they learn about consent.
The cable news personality, a former New Jersey judge, is now accused by two men of forcing them into sexual acts.
An Unearthed and HuffPost investigation identified at least eight trade associations the companies failed to disclose.

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