Parents, let's teach our children to break the cycle and stop assigning moral value to weight loss or weight gain.
The long-term symptoms from the coronavirus can be brutal. But you can actually help someone going through it.
From the kitchen to the bathroom, these are some of the most misused items in your home.
Experts share tips for parents and caregivers who badly need to lighten their load.
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A new report from the Spanish government calls for killing the more than 850 animals stuck aboard a transport ship.
"That's a pretty good job we're doing," he gloated. One year later, the U.S. coronavirus death toll has passed 510,000.
They quizzed the Cabinet nominee extensively about fossil fuels, showing their "allegiance" to that industry.
"The Daily Show" montage spots similarities in the rhetoric of Republicans and the U.S. Capitol rioters.
Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend set Twitter alight with her bold declaration.
Conservationists suspect manatees are suffering from a lack of sea grass, which the beloved sea cows eat.
The former White House strategist's pardon might not be so simple after all.
This February, HuffPost is honoring Black women whose life stories paint a portrait of America.
For nearly 30 years, Brock Akil has shown the world a diverse look at Black women’s lives and shaped what we see on TV.
After a roadblock in their $15/hour plan, Senate Dems are considering higher taxes on corporations that pay low wages.
Lunar New Year celebrations, Myanmar protests and an Eagle hunter round out this week's best images.

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