The Florida governor convened his allies this week in Fort Lauderdale to press them to raise money to support the former president.
The Texas conservative in recent weeks has played up his friendly side while occasionally falling back into his not-so-friendly tendencies.
The comedian prompted cheers with his comments on the Israel-Hamas war during an Abu Dhabi performance.
The "Glass Onion" actor opened up about her relationship with her first husband, rocker Chris Robinson.
Austin underwent a medical procedure Friday evening and has resumed duty after temporarily transferring power to his deputy.
“We’ll figure out a way to handle that tastefully. I have no idea what that’ll be but ..." host Pat Sajak humorously responded to the gaffe.
Dak Prescott's remark had some prominent media types telling him to put his money where his mouth is.
"I'll explain it to you someday," the former president said.
"People should get paid time off whenever their cat decides it's time to sit on their belly"
The CNN anchor told Byron Donalds it was "pretty extraordinary that when faced with really clear facts, very clear facts [...] you won’t acknowledge it."
"Entire days would pass without me being able to come up with a single interesting conversation topic. Doug’s reticence certainly wasn’t helping."

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