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A New York City police officer was killed and another critically wounded Friday night, making four officers shot in the city in as many days.
Take a swim from a penguin's-eye-view with this mesmerizing video.
Authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle in Pennsylvania.
A coastal wildfire in California, called the Colorado Fire, prompted evacuations near Big Sur.
The man, dubbed "RayBanTerrorist" by online sleuths, was no. 222 on the FBI's list of Capitol attack suspects.
"You should be ashamed of yourself,” Judge Alexis Krot said during the online hearing. “If I could give you jail time on this, I would.”
Whether it’s a one-pound chocolate lobster, a booby-shaped pillow or a baloney face mask, your Valentine will sure get a “heart on” for all these products.
The legislation has nothing in its actual text about critical race theory, but Democrats are concerned it will stifle discussion of racism in schools.
The Tony nominee stars in the stage adaptation of the 1993 Robin Williams movie and believes the show's message is more vital than ever.
"Felt like wallowing in self pity today so I googled the net worth of my kid’s favorite YouTuber."
"my toxic trait is saying 'what?' when my cat meows and expecting a legitimate answer"
"Single ppl use half of their bed for remotes, phone, pillows and snacks"

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