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Firefighters are positioning resources and using new methods to keep small fires from overwhelming emergency responders.
Shawn McCaffrey enlisted just as the Pentagon was claiming to aggressively confront extremism in the ranks.
History-making doesn't begin to describe the Americans' opening match of the Tokyo games.
The Comedy Central program gave "a special shoutout to the pundits" who've criticized the quarter-century-old show.
A Tokyo Olympic drone display, a memorial for Haiti's slain president and the hajj pilgrimage round out the week.
The sports reporter and ESPN had been unable to agree on a contract after news emerged of a colleague's racist remarks.
“There’s no way to just overlook this and say it didn’t happen,” said the outspoken governor.
South Korean broadcaster MBC showed a picture of Chernobyl as Ukraine’s athletes entered Tokyo's National Stadium.
"Don’t shove it down my throat," Scott Roe told CBS News from his hospital bed.
Murdoch "got himself vaccinated as quickly as he could; he’s not a fool," while Fox News sells lies Turnbull said.

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