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The bill would prohibit all abortions and would allow private citizens to sue providers.
The former reality star just released "Voicemail," a hip-hop-styled ditty that showcases his heavily auto-tuned vocals.
The actor had high praise for his successor as the brooding leading man of "Pride and Prejudice."
Battered by their monthslong siege of the vital port city of Mariupol, Russian troops need time to regroup, Britain’s Defense Ministry said in an assessment.
“The next time you turn on the light, think of the incinerators," Catherine Glenn Foster told Congress while under oath on Wednesday.
Citing HuffPost's reporting, Accountable.US renewed its call for the IRS to investigate if a far-right group is violating rules with its crusade against the "30x30" initiative.
"To everyone else, we looked like the perfect family. No one outside our home knew what we knew."
The Fox News host took right-wing denial to new lows to explain a self-professed white supremacist's targeting of people in a Black neighborhood.
“For years I’ve served the people of this city," he said as he announced he'd run to represent a district covering lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.
“I found out I was like the fourth person to complain about the guy," the "Senior Year" star said of the "awful and disgusting" incident.
Despite the rise of conservative populism, Republicans aren’t interested in Trade Adjustment Assistance.
"Do you talk to your cat before leaving the house and inform them how long you will be away or are you normal?"

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