The British-Nigerian star discusses his role in “Red, White and Blue” and aligning his politics with his career.
Climate change is making cities unlivable for millions. Surviving rising temperatures means tackling inequality.


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The pandemic is getting worse, but the majority leader is offering less.
A "parallel culture" and prophecies play into evangelicals' not accepting Joe Biden's win.
Activists point to Mason's incarceration for casting an ineligible ballot as evidence of racist voter suppression.
The singer unveiled a snippet of one of her re-recorded songs for the first time.
The collective hopes to turn the Oxford home of the famed author into a center celebrating his works.
The delayed 2021 ceremony will be an "in-person telecast," according to an academy spokesperson.
The "Beauty and the Beast" star dismissed claims that he purposely stayed quiet about his sexuality.
"Who knew ‘Little’ would be historic?" the 16-year-old actor tweeted about her 2019 comedic film.
County election officials have until noon on Friday to finalize their vote counts.
The comedian's joke about Caesar wasn't hailed by Donald Trump's security detail.
DuVall and co-writer Mary Holland know how you feel about Abby and Riley. So do Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis.
The Netflix films you should only watch to be baffled.

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