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The justices seemed by turns reluctant to break up an exhaustively negotiated agreement, but also leery of somehow rewarding the Sacklers.
The "Deadpool" actor once again proved he’s the funniest person on the internet.
Many journalists in the besieged enclave have expressed exhaustion with having to prove Palestinians’ humanity to the millions of followers they’ve amassed.
The "Frasier" star would have "happily" gone on about backing Trump but publicists shut down the interview, radio presenter Justin Webb said.
Burgum only managed to qualify for two debates, and spent millions of his own dollars on a quixotic bid for the presidency.
"For people like me who are single at heart, the risk is not what we'll miss if we do not organize our lives around a romantic partner, but what we'll miss if we do."
The news networks don't want the expelled congressman, but John Oliver thinks he was born for Bravo.
The Kentucky Republican's explanation for why he thinks the GOP is ready to approve an impeachment inquiry got mocked by a Biden aide.
The bizarre sight might be the only time you'll ever see this in the NFL.
The heiress is receiving criticism for not living up to social media’s expectations as a new mom.
The former president tore into the former Republican lawmaker and appeared to dismiss a Kevin McCarthy claim at the same time.
The beleaguered Colorado football coach made a big announcement on Instagram that had nothing to do with sports.