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"To have done most the lifting all season and then be lifted off of my feet in triumph from this kick ass cast put a lot into perspective for me!” he wrote.
The couple, who also share two sons, named the third child Adelaide after Meyers' maternal grandmother.
The "Betrayal" author broke down why reporting on a third Trump run for president would be “tremendously challenging."
Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma, 25, was killed by the stray projectile that pierced a window at his Philadelphia suburbs home.
"Parenting books should be legally required to display the number of children the author has."
The Trump supporter, who electroshocked Officer Mike Fanone at the Capitol on Jan. 6, is trying to argue that he wasn't properly advised of his rights.
Kevin Nishita was shot in the abdomen while doing his job amid an uptick in organized retail crime.
It's "not like he's a narcissist or anything," deadpanned one critic.
Bringing designer Paolo Gucci to life, he said, was like "birthing a bowling ball out of my sphincter."
The rapper also acknowledged embarrassing the reality star mogul with his ill-fated run for president.
Three people were shot at Durham's Streets at Southpoint on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
"Rediscovered the joy of reading for pleasure (bragging about it)."

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