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“Don't go out there,” officials warned, saying the water was likely to rush back in at higher levels.
The Southern 24-hour diners have a long-standing reputation for never closing, even if they lose power, highlighting the potential severity of the storm.
Upward of 2 million people in the state are already without power.
The attacks have been especially harsh against Wisconsin’s Mandela Barnes, who would be the state’s first Black senator.
James, the New York attorney general, announced a sweeping fraud lawsuit against Trump, his business and his children last week.
The school serves recent immigrants ages 16-21 who have fled violence and instability in their home countries.
The agreement includes a cap on the number of unionization petitions over the next five years and will allow state regulators to better protect worker confidentiality and safety.
Robbie Parker held a news conference in 2012 to talk about his 6-year-old daughter. Alex Jones used it to call him an "actor." Then the threats poured in.
Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler is now calling for more state funding for mental illness programs.
The former “CBS Evening News” and “Today” anchor said she learned of her illness on her eighth wedding anniversary.
The rapper revealed a legal issue from her past caused her to “miss out on money.”
“To this day, when I see that meme, it’s something very hard for me to overcome,” she said.

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