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The governor said Michigan workers would be forced to walk out of their jobs, though efforts to have nationwide walkouts failed to gain widespread traction.
The land located along the Rio Grande has been in the Cavazos family for generations. Then it was seized by the government.
Health officials are racing to understand the threat of the omicron strain, the coronavirus variant that has spread to dozens of nations around the globe.
“We'll be a sanctuary,” Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said, adding he's aware patients will likely travel to California from other states to seek abortions.
Wright, a Black motorist, was shot and killed by a white Minnesota officer who thought she was firing her Taser, police said.
Every Republican senator opposed her. But the Boston district attorney will now be the state's first Black woman to serve as U.S. attorney.
It’s “a nightmare scenario that should send us all screaming to the polls,” one person hit back at the extremist Florida Republican on Twitter.
The guaranteed income pilot is set to be one of the largest such programs in the U.S.
The woman's son was charged with assault after he punched the worker, whom she allegedly told, "You don't belong here."
McGowan alleged that Weinstein engaged in racketeering to silence her and derail her career before she accused him of rape.

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