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Get all the latest polls from around the country as 2020's historic election approaches.


Menus and dishes to make for the holiday, from turkey to side dishes to pies and dessert.
Experts offer science and strategies to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus on Turkey Day 2020.
If you're in a lengthy queue, here are enjoyable ways to give your brain a break.
The creamiest, most comforting pasta bakes, braised ribs, chicken dishes and more.
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"The Late Show" host mocked the president's "unforced error" during a campaign rally.
Buttigieg delivered a master class in dealing with hecklers while campaigning for Biden in Florida.
At this pace, the 2020 election could have the highest participation rate in over a century.
Amber Ruffin has been transformed into a bogus FLOTUS.
The "Late Late Show" host doesn't think the Trumps know what social distancing is.
The talk show host did a little rewriting -- and his version includes a shoutout to Donald Trump.
The president's son delivered a whopper during a Fox News interview.
"This is what happens when you get your math degree at Trump University."
President Donald Trump and Sen. David Purdue have both publicly taunted her over her first name.
An attorney for the campaign made the request for ex-officers to work shifts in what he called a "problem" area.
Laura Ingraham claimed the lawmaker wore "outfits worth $14,000" for a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

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