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The destruction was likened to a large tornado having barreled through, with homes and buildings "completely gone.”
The messages revealed in Delaware court filings ahead of a high-stakes trial next month offer a window into Twitter’s delicate negotiations with Musk.
Video shows Mike Ross of Bonita Springs, Florida saving the “terrified” feline right before the “absolutely terrible” storm made landfall.
Director Kathryn Ferguson re-centers the singer-songwriter as the icon she rightly is. But that comes with limitations.
The five-time Grammy winner prefers to keep the “bad names that I could have been” to herself.
The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not provide any evidence or specific reasoning to back up her claim, insiders said.
"I cannot think of a visual that better encapsulates what it’s like to be a Trump supporter," the late-night host said.
Farmer Friedrich Stapel said that while wild boars can cause damage, he says "to leave it alone now would be unfair.”
Tony Atkins of WESH 2 in Orlando said he first looked for crocodiles and downed power lines before wading into the waist-high waters.
And 90% of federal departments should be eliminated, urges Trump's first national security adviser. "Lock 'em up," he says at an Arizona campaign event.
Both men were charged with manslaughter, according to the court filings.
The actor came under fire on Twitter after many fans called the gesture “tacky.”

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