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GOP senators refused to strengthen IRS enforcement to pay for the bipartisan infrastructure deal.
And the left is desperate to get her over the finish line in Ohio's special primary election.
The Alabama Republican claims his speech that day was nothing more than "a pep talk."
First elected to the Senate in 1978, Levin represented Michigan longer than any other senator.
The U.S. government said the security law was used “as a political weapon to silence dissenting voices."
“I want to thank these brave Afghans for standing with the United States,'" Biden said.
The president is hoping the payments will increase COVID-19 vaccination rates across the U.S.
Her other conservator made the claim in a petition supporting the removal of Jamie Spears from the conservatorship.
The actress said the decision to simultaneously release the film in theaters and on Disney+ breached her contract.
Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor could be memorialized with statues.
The nation’s largest utility was forced into bankruptcy over wildfires ignited by its long-neglected electrical grid.

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