A recent study sheds some light on what may be the best sleep climate for some people — and the findings might surprise you.
Packing for a trip can feel daunting, but these essential items might save the day.
New science around the buzzy treatment serum has come out, and dermatologists are optimistic about its power to make skin look younger, firmer and more elastic.

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With less than four months before primary voting starts, the non-Trump field likely did little to make up ground against the coup-attempting front-runner.
Title VI of the landmark 1964 law outlaws discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in any program that gets federal funding.
The veteran actor was instantly recognizable from the deep and drawling tones of his voice.
After the ex-president accused him of treason, the outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman said he "will never turn my back on the Constitution."
Some fans were shocked, but many have grown fed up with the pop band's frontman.
The Trump campaign called on the Republican National Committee to cancel the “boring and inconsequential" debates.
The Max show makes a bold choice in its third season — and it's a bit of a shock to the system.
The former South Carolina governor was fed up with her debate rival — and social media users felt the same way.
The crowd included people exposed by a local newspaper for carrying misleading signs.
The former vice president tried his hand at humor. It really didn't go well.
The Pennsylvania senator dropped a timely reaction after his choice of attire sparked Republican backlash.