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Provisions relating to immigration, climate and prescription drugs are at risk of being stripped out following a review from the Senate's rulekeeper.
For years, anti-choice activists and politicians have attacked reproductive rights in Mississippi. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is the endgame.
"The Daily Show" highlights how it's all Greek to pundits and the president.
“We have degraded" in Congress to a "level of hate I’ve never felt before," said the New York lawmaker.
It’s the first time a spacewalk has been canceled because of threat from space junk.
"He always shows up when I least expect it ― and I really should expect it by now."
"If some news channel intern did what Chris Cuomo did they'd have been fired one second after these docs were published," one journalist noted.
After a record year of overdoses in 2020, the two new supervised injection sites aim to offer a safer alternative for drug users.
“The statute outlaws no weapon, but only limits the size of the magazine that may be used with firearms,” the judges ruled in the 7-4 decision.
The comedian confirmed she was dating the rapper in July 2020, after meeting on a movie set the previous year.
The preliminary injunction applies to a coalition of suing states which all have either a Republican attorney general or governor.
The children’s mother discovered the bodies and called 911.

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