Read this if you're worried about the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson COVID shot compared with Moderna or Pfizer.
Parents should discuss inclusivity and representation for disabled people with their children.
Your tax bracket is not the same as how much you pay.
They've got a front-row seat to children's well-being this year. Here's what they're seeing.
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“It’s a perfect storm for generating lots of cases which you won’t be able to deal with.”
The "Last Week Tonight" host pounced on the New York governor's growing scandals.
The Biden administration has waded into a quiet but extremely consequential fight over building codes.
“We wouldn’t even be talking about it if it wasn’t for the New York Times reporting,” a Fox News reporter said.
A city official apologized, saying, "this was never about trying to persuade or change public opinion."
The officials said the info was evidence of bad character, in an effort to invalidate the women’s accounts of abuse.
The idea that Trump actually won the election was treated as dogma at the conservative gathering.
The “Mauritanian” actor thanked the quarterback in her acceptance speech, and fans had a lot of questions once again.
On the laundry list of things he has been terrible at, transforming our country into an autocracy was only the latest.
The "Queen's Gambit" star won a Golden Globe award sporting a gorgeous look that TikTok users had declared "over."
The former French president was sentenced to a year in prison and a two-year suspended sentence.

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