Save mom from the stress of public dining this year.
If you feel like you drink 8 ounces and pee out 12, you’re not alone. Here’s what the experts say.
You're not alone if you're struggling with loss.
Baristas share their honest opinions about customized beverages and how to ask for them respectfully, if you must.
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Not many House Republicans at all, according to Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.
The macaw that zookeepers named Juliet is believed to be the only wild bird of its kind left in the Brazilian city.
“It’s old Jim Crow dressed up in what our colleagues are calling election integrity,” one Democratic opponent said.
The billionaire executive wants an itemized list of what the government would do with his tax dollars.
The GOP'er had no response to a Trump-themed zinger after he compared Trevor Noah to Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction."
Is the coronavirus here to stay? Here's what infectious disease pros want you to know.
"What people?" The White House press secretary hammers away to nail down the question.
Trump Jr. wasn’t happy when Twitter said people were confused by his tweet calling Joe Biden "the next Jimmy Carter."
Katie Hobbs has vocally opposed the GOP-led audit of Maricopa County's 2020 election results.
"The @GOP is the solid, undeniable winner of the race to the bottom," one critic snarked at the RNC's post.
The “Parks and Recreation” star called her longtime partner “my darling husband” while promoting his latest movie.

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