Recent bills restricting the capital’s ability to decide jail sentences and limiting who can vote have drawn relatively mild objections.
The Republican Party of Texas is considering a platform this week that would define abortion as homicide.
The Fox News anchor's correction of the Trump lawyer even generated a rebuke from the GOP presidential candidate.
The former president's latest courthouse complaint has a huge problem.
Some commentators have likened the protests in New Caledonia, which has prevented any shipments or production, to a dawning “civil war.”
Grindavik was largely evacuated in December when the volcano came to life after centuries of dormancy.
“You’re not hurt are you? I said are you OK?" the president responded.
Tim O'Brien also suggested the former president is reverting to childhood with one particular court move.
The daily incident is triggering for the former president, said Stephanie Grisham.
The ex-White House communications director spotted "a tell" of the former president's outlook as the jury deliberates in his hush money case.
The son of the former president was quickly called out on social media.

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