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Megyn Kelly opened the floor for candidates to openly attack transgender youth on Wednesday night.
Tiffany Red, who was alluded to a lawsuit Cassie filed against her ex, wrote in a letter to Rolling Stone that she knew her friend was "traumatized."
Leslie Horton of Global News described her decision to pause her broadcast to confront the body-shamer as a “visceral response.”
The charred remains of missing Softimage founder Daniel Langlois and wife Dominique Marchand were found inside a burned car.
The College Board has released an updated framework for its new Advanced Placement African American Studies course, which officially launches next academic year.
Stephen Canciani, 32, faces charges of indecent exposure and annoying or molesting a child in connection with the incident at a Northern California school.
Witnessing it all play out online was like opening a Russian nesting doll of microaggressions that wouldn’t stop revealing themselves.
The company said in October that it planned to cut about 10% of its staff, months after a report that the paper was set to lose $100 million this year.
Rep. Jim McGovern said the extremist Republican's tirade about Rep. Jamaal Bowman was "really rich."
Pregnant transmasculine people are vulnerable within a medical system that doesn’t understand them — and they've had to turn to others for support.
The singer, married to Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, is expecting her fourth child.
"Single worst experience I've ever had with a co-star," Casey Wilson said of Allen.