Election Polling Dashboard
Get all the latest polls from around the country as 2020's historic election approaches.


Menus and dishes to make for the holiday, from turkey to side dishes to pies and dessert.
Experts offer science and strategies to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus on Turkey Day 2020.
If you're in a lengthy queue, here are enjoyable ways to give your brain a break.
The creamiest, most comforting pasta bakes, braised ribs, chicken dishes and more.
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Just days from the election, the tech giant wrongly blocked thousands of Biden ads due to “technical flaws.”
Could the unprecedented number of early voters mean a Democratic surge giving way to a Republican surge on Election Day?
In contrast, the president's inflammatory tweets have remained online — albeit with disclaimers.
The Trump campaign and Republican officials are trying everything to suppress voting in the swing state.
"Thousands" of supporters were "injured" because they couldn't see him at a campaign rally in Rochester, Trump said.
2020 is an apocalypse in the original sense of the word, some religious scholars say, because it reveals deep truths.
The Fox News host regularly dismisses COVID-19 to her viewers, but it appears she masked up.
The rapper, who appeared on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, offered a swift rebuke of the president on Twitter.
The hosts talk with one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement about the 2020 election.
The right-wing group behind the "Stand your ground" laws began working in February to challenge a Trump election defeat.
Zoomers who sabotaged Donald Trump's Tulsa,Oklahoma, rally keep rolling.

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