In their own words, teachers tell parents about going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.
"I just think if I chewed lava quick enough it wouldn’t be too bad."
Millennials are old now, and Gen Z is way cooler than they could ever hope to be.
This recipe is the perfect choose-your-own-adventure dish on a summer day.
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The 22-year-old is one of several young Latino men killed by police in California in recent months.
She may also continue to seek a sample of his DNA, a New York justice ruled.
Few believe that the president has managed to drain the swamp, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
The footage and messages offer a terrifying glimpse into China’s so-called “re-education centers.”
The order will prohibit any U.S. transactions with the Chinese-owned parent companies of the apps.
Antone Melton-Meaux is accused of violating campaign finance law.
"I wasn’t myself,” the "Saturday Night Live" alum told InStyle of the extremely tough three-year period.
Some 33 years after mastering that gravity-defying lift, Baby Houseman is back.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton is the first American and only the second person to have two face transplants.
YouTube stars Tim and Fred Williams lit up the internet when they heard the 1981 hit for the first time.
Children are not "nearly immune" to the coronavirus, Sandra Smith told her guest.

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