Many Americans see this seemingly harmless holiday phrase as quite the faux pas.
The legendary singer, who died Wednesday, was simply the best. She shared wisdom over the years that we could still all use.
The rate of colon cancer in people younger than 55 has doubled since 1995.
Feel like you're constantly being asked to accept cookies from every website you visit? We asked experts if it's safe.
“If you want a clean design for cheap without compromising on quality, this is for you,” remarked a reviewer of the Gap Home sofa.
Seeing is believing with these amazing pet finds.

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The Donald Trump ally described U.S. military assistance to Ukraine as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”
DEI has become a core part of many colleges, but critics accuse the programs of fueling division.
Prior to Sunday’s debacle, Pedro Sánchez had insisted he'd ride out his four-year term with leftist government coalition partner United We Can.
Authorities say there are no known fatalities after an apartment building partially collapsed in the eastern Iowa city of Davenport.
The MSNBC host called out conservatives for violence in Target stores aimed at the LGBTQ community.
Some Colorado College students opposing the choice of Cheney as speaker booed and turned their chairs away from the stage as she spoke.
Iren Byers admitted to the killings during questioning, police said.
"We will be aggressive in issuing pardons," said DeSantis, who kept open the possibility of pardoning Jan. 6 rioters and former President Donald Trump.
The Justice Department is increasingly trying to prevent rioters from being able to profit from participating in the 2021 attack.
Kostyuk said fans "should be embarrassed" and that she didn't respect Sabalenka.
Twitter critics tore into the Fox News host for over-the-top praise of the former president.
The actor from the classic sitcom also shared how Bob Saget’s death led him to reconnect with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.