Studies show sleep can impact cardiovascular disease. Here's how to tell if you're getting poor sleep and what to do about it.
HuffPost spoke to three experts familiar with the subject, and the overall feeling is optimism riddled with uncertainty.
Find out where favorites like Fage, Noosa, Yoplait, Siggi's and others stand.
"Rage applying" might be a stress relief in the moment, but your actions can backfire and cost you.

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"This was personal money,” the House speaker said of the hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.
The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report maintains hope that the worst effects of climate change may yet be averted.
Atomic power netted nearly $7 billion from recent legislation, but experts say far more is needed to compete with Russia and bolster a costly but vital alternative to fossil fuels.
The Missouri Senate has given initial approval to legislation that would temporarily prohibit gender-affirming treatments for minors and restrict their participation in sports.
Saad Almadi, a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen, is now at home with family members who live in Riyadh, his son said.
"It was 10 months into his treatment when I finally broke in front of him, and he revealed the surprising yet profound truth he was using to guide his way through his diagnosis."
Other Republican-led states have enacted similar bans on gender-affirming care, in spite of recommendations from professional medical organizations.
An investigation by The Texas Tribune found that police didn't respond sooner to the Robb Elementary shooting because they were scared of the gunman's rifle.
Avi Kwa Ame and Castner Range national monuments will span a combined 513,000 acres.
"It’s changed me. It’s changed my life," first grade teacher Abigail Zwerner told the "Today" show.
Janine Nabers said she stole the viral nude scene from Glover’s "weird" real-life sexual experience.
The social media platform was supposed to be canceled right after spoiled man-baby Elon Musk purchased the site. But, for some reason, we just can't leave it alone.