High-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils and more terms to watch out for.
Don’t panic when your phone’s alarm goes off at 2:20 p.m. ET.
Experts weigh in on the condition and how to cope if this issue is preventing you from taking trips.
Doctors reveal what they look for when examining a patient's longevity and how you can adopt the behaviors for yourself.

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The 44-year-old former Kamala Harris adviser says she is undecided on whether she will run for a full term next year.
Michael Zack’s lawyers say he had an intellectual disability. He was killed amid Gov. Ron DeSantis’ push to make it easier to execute people.
The president's son was indicted over lying about his drug use in October 2018 on a form to buy a gun that he kept for about 11 days.
New York. Gov. Kathy Hochul told reporters that fingerprints on the note led police to find the girl tied up inside a camper home.
"He feigned hesitation about the fact that I had 'just been 16.' But he didn’t move his hand from my thigh."
Sheeran said he couldn't pass up on an opportunity to chill with the rapper, despite rarely smoking marijuana.
The former president is ticked that the late-night hosts are back and already making fun of him.
Schwarzenegger spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the Hollywood strikes and how he almost mangled one of his most iconic lines.
Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro wrote on social media that the scene of the crash was “apocalyptic.”
Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. of the Defense Department's communications staff was arrested for his alleged involvement in dogfighting.
In “Earthquake,” the New York-based singer canoodles with actor Barrett Foa while relaying a message of self-empowerment through aquatic dance.