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GOP senators took turns making offensive and false claims about a Virginia sexual assault case.
Nearly 100 hippos in Colombia are the first non-human creatures to be legally considered people by a U.S. court.
The Federal Reserve is imposing a sweeping new set of restrictions on the investments its officials can own.
The huge and growing impact of plastics on global warming has evaded public scrutiny.
“We are seeing a rise in Islamophobia in nearly every corner of the globe," the Democratic representative said.
Courtroom stalling is his one proven area of expertise.
He said he was pushed from a subway platform by two maskless NYPD officers after reminding them of the city's mask law.
Laurence Tribe rejected Trump's arguments against the release of archived documents relating to the insurrection.
The Ohio Republican said he did not speak to Trump during the attack. He had previously said he did.
The "Will & Grace" star responded to backlash over a tweet questioning the reality star.
The former president's Truth Social website comes complete with some built-in irony.
Legal experts said unrelated passengers don’t have a legal duty to intervene under Pennsylvania law.

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