The Texas conservative in recent weeks has played up his friendly side while occasionally falling back into his not-so-friendly tendencies.
The "Furiosa" star was about to make one of the sharks very furious, he said on "The Late Show."
The "Glass Onion" actor opened up about her relationship with her first husband, rocker Chris Robinson.
Hadid celebrated her heritage while exploring the French Riviera between film premieres.
Billy Olvera, 48, took the upskirt photos as he escorted an immigrant who was being deported.
"I'll explain it to you someday," the former president said.
An “architect” of Biden’s antitrust agenda explains why suing Ticketmaster-Live Nation is sound policy and good politics.
Spencer Wright's son Levi fell into a coma after the incident. He was about to be taken off life support when he woke up.
Rhean Jalipa Fontanoza, 46, is charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting of his longtime friend and coworker, Expedito De Leon, 50.
Kabosu “crossed the rainbow bridge," the famed Shiba Inu’s owner announced Friday.
Lopburi is being run ragged by more than 2,500 wild monkeys so officials are trying to trap the simian raiders using trickery and ripe tropical fruit.
And it has nothing to do with the health of the royals.

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