Here are the risks of going to restaurants, seeing family and friends, traveling and more after getting vaccinated.
"I’d love to have another kid but where would we put their art."
The favorite choices for dogs and cats have some overlap with the most popular baby names over time.
Experts weigh the pros and cons of getting intimate at different times of the day.
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Erosion along the coastline caused a landslide that utterly destroyed this seaside cemetery in northern Italy.
Police chief Yogananda Pittman submitted a statement to Congress, filling in crucial details of what went wrong.
Thomas Webster attacked "like a junkyard dog" in the Capitol riot, a prosecutor said.
The police reforms are part of the city’s efforts to address racism in the criminal justice system.
Shawn Douglas was arrested after he allegedly abducted two tenants he was unable to evict due to COVID-19 restrictions.
"I'm very confident that we will get justice, but what’s so fearful is that after justice, Ahmaud won’t be with me."
New research reveals the scale of the money that continues to flow to the dirtiest fossil fuel.
Pastor Jim Conrad's Georgia church was expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention for accepting a queer couple.
The first lady told the talk show host that things happen for the best and that life will eventually “look better.”
The entire cast of “Saturday Night Live” wanted to flee when the then-"Apprentice" host first came on the show in 2004.
The former Beatle's upcoming book, “The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present,” will trace his life through 154 songs.
The ailing animal was found in a forest outside of Melbourne and named Baarack by rescuers.

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