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The senators bucked their leaders -- including Mitch McConnell -- who traveled to Kyiv over the weekend to meet with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
Trump had increased sanctions against Cuba, including the cancellation of permits to send remittances.
“The three most recent arrivals to the bench misled members of Congress by indicating they regarded Roe v. Wade as settled law, not to be overturned."
Payton Gendron was "going to get in his car ... and continue doing the same thing," Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said.
Community leader Katherine Massey, 72, was remembered as a “warrior” who fiercely advocated for ending gun violence.
The congresswoman condemned those who suggested she promoted the same “great replacement” message behind Saturday's shooting in Buffalo.
With providers struggling to find workers and parents struggling to find providers, two senators are out with a scaled-back proposal they hope can pass.
The Biden administration has come under intense pressure over the last week to do more to ease the formula shortage.
The crisis has led to the dismissal of dozens of cases and left an estimated 500 defendants statewide without legal representation.
Jacob Philbeck called 911 three times in one hour asking that “President Biden needed to be placed in prison,” and “El Chapo needed to be freed.”
The cybersecurity attorney who represented the Clinton campaign in 2016 is accused of lying to the FBI as it investigated potential ties between Trump and Russia in 2016.

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