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South Carolina police are also still investigating the fatal June shooting of Alex Murdaugh's wife and son.
Idaho is currently experiencing a wave of COVID-19 cases rivaling its all-time peak late last fall.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised Jim Breuer's ravings: "Here you are talking like an American man."
The actress is best known for films like "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" and "Royal Wedding."
But reactions have been mainly positive, said Rep. William Marsh, who went from Republican to Democrat this week.
A federal judge ruled Thursday that Robert Dear is incompetent to stand trial for the 2015 deaths of three people.
However, a White House spokesperson had a slightly different version of her story.
He insisted that they were being "persecuted so unfairly" for violently storming the Capitol and attacking officers.
New host and executive producer Mike Richards stepped down after a firestorm of controversy surrounding his past.
"Requirements that lawyers be strong advocates are pillars of our democracy," an ex-Florida Supreme Court justice wrote.
These books for kids highlight the diversity of bodies in our world and promote body positivity.
This week's nuptials for Polis and the first gentleman marked the first same-sex wedding of a sitting U.S. governor.

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