“I began to search for deeper meaning when life began to teach me lessons I didn’t know I needed,” the singer told Elle.
Treat these workers as full members of the community by holding virtual holiday parties or email gift exchanges.
Let's start a new year without these health fads, shall we?
"I’m pretty sure I saw this department store Santa in an old episode of 'Dateline.'"
It's Personal
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New legislation from would decriminalize border crossings and limit the “prison-to-deportation” pipeline.
Fox rewarded McHenry's co-host after he sent her lewd text messages and commented on her body, the lawsuit alleges.
The Republican politician suggested honoring Dolly Parton or the enslaved people who built the state Capitol instead.
Lawmakers said they are unaware of the revelations on how the government misled the public about the prolonged conflict.
Fellow Democrats blasted the proposal as "one of the dumbest ideas" and a "slap on the wrist."
Brothers Oren and Ronen Levy said they plan legal action against the NYPD after their shipment confiscated.
Weird News
The rodeo was in town, but they denied involvement.
U.S. News
Royal Saudi Air Force second lieutenant Mohammed Alshamrani killed three people and wounded eight others in a shooting.
Asian Voices
The attacker choked the Uber driver while shouting derogatory comments about the victim's "dark skin," and turban.
"Avengers" villain Thanos wipes out half the universe's population before being defeated, Twitter users pointed out.
The former “Fox & Friends” host who sued the late CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment says she's creating an army.
The widely acclaimed horror film received three total awards from the film organization.

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