As child care centers face collapse and schools stumble toward the fall, parents struggle to stay afloat.
Heckerling has achieved a zen about her career's ups and downs: "You’ve got to put your hands over your ears."
Several Black writers and editors have used this moment to spur change within their current and former newsrooms.
Many patients seeking medication abortions will no longer have to travel during the pandemic for care.


Fitness pros share the workouts and moves they would do every day if they could.
The Filipino American chef shares her experience and frustrations with the restaurant industry.
These stories help kids understand and express feelings like anger and sadness.
For multiracial Americans, having conversations with white relatives about racial injustice is often an uphill battle.
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The execution came over the objection of the victims’ family.
The marble statue of a saluting Confederate soldier will be taken to a Civil War cemetery.
Quibi's "The Andy Cohen Diaries" will feature appearances by Céline Dion and Sarah Jessica Parker in cartoon form.
Rivera's body was found on the seventh anniversary of Monteith's death from an accidental overdose.
Safe and affordable housing is increasingly out of reach for low-income renters, according to a new report.
Twenty million workers lost their jobs in March and April. As of June, the unemployment rate was 11.1 percent.
The Fox News host said the show didn't "endorse" Blake Neff's anonymous posts, then he announced he'd be going fishing.
From Florida to Texas, coronavirus cases are climbing in nearly 40 states across the U.S.
"Working with Grant was so much fun," former co-host Adam Savage said. "I’ll miss my friend."
The longtime ballroom competition is going in a "new creative direction," ABC said.
The "Late Night" host is putting Trump's bragging to the test.
"The Old Guard" star got emotional over her girls' growing activism after a "heartbreaking" conversation.

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