Want the best protection this season? You may want to get your influenza shot earlier than you think.
Amid the latest COVID-19 wave, experts share what steps they're taking to prevent illness while still living their lives.
“I leave them immediately as a rule. No explanation, no hair flip, just leave. Life is too short to read 35 other people’s emoji responses.”
Pro cooks share the simple ways they go about minimizing food costs in their own kitchens.

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The president is planning to announce the effort, aimed at reducing firearm deaths, on Friday.
Hiram, Georgia, police said James Wyatt Nicholas Norton approached Zoey Nicole Messenger for a brief discussion before shooting her and then himself.
The disgraced lawyer responded Wednesday on Newsmax to Cassidy Hutchinson's claims.
"Am I Doing It Wrong?," HuffPost's new podcast, investigates the origins of tipping, why it's so problematic, and how we can do better.
The official said that some of the intelligence was provided by a member of the “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing alliance — U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
The coroner's office said the 25-year-old actor died of acute intoxication after an accidental drug overdose.
Today's military leaders are too focused on diversity and equity, so we may be "better off" not filling key posts, said the GOP senator and presidential candidate.
"The Office" star first met Hamm when she was in her early teens.
McCormick, a former hedge fund manager, is hoping to unseat Sen. Bob Casey (D).
A "Jeopardy!" contestant wrote that he "got caught flatfooted" after the game show's host Ken Jennings asked him for clarification.
The Grammy-nominated singer disclosed the health news after being notably absent from promoting his upcoming album.