These common questions and comments may seem innocent, but can actually do a lot of harm.
If you're struggling with constipation, these tips will help you get things moving ASAP.
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Despite the lack of aid for Ukraine, President Joe Biden is expected to sign the measure.
Admirers wrote birthday cards and watched video tributes to Carter, the longest-living U.S. president in history, ahead of his birthday on Sunday.
The first woman to lead a key intelligence committee went toe-to-toe with the powerful intelligence agency — and the president. She won.
At his retirement ceremony, the outgoing chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a reminder that seemed aimed at election-denying ex-President Donald Trump.
They've already shown they'll go to extremes to deny the president his court picks. Their new option would test how far they're willing to go.
Scott Hall pleaded guilty to five charges and was sentenced to five years of probation.
The 32-year-old actor died in Miami earlier this year. She is survived by her former partner, “Wild ’N Out” co-star D.C. Young Fly, and their three children.
Joe Concha doubled down on his criticism of the singer after previously calling her "trash" for her word choice at a Kansas City Chiefs game.
"If I can hire a massage therapist to help relieve my back pain ... and a mechanic to service my car, I should be able to legally hire a man to have sex with me."
Blanchard was sentenced to a decade in prison for her mother's 2015 murder.
A holdover from the early 1960s, before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission existed, has created what one advocate calls a “dog-and-pony show.”
"i shouldn’t have to go to work if it’s rainy. i should get to stare out the window all day like a cat"