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A federal jury has convicted the wealthy donor to Dems on charges he injected gay men with meth in exchange for sex.
Robert Aaron Long still faces the death penalty if convicted in four more shooting deaths at Atlanta-area spas.
Luis Grijalva qualified to run for Guatemala. But if he left the U.S., he wasn't going to be allowed to return.
A small group challenged 40 years of economic ideology on corporate concentration and won over the president.
"My husband woke up and started a new project and he could have just told me he wanted to fight."
The Netflix series finds the socialite trying her hand at a variety of dishes with the help of Kim Kardashian and pals.
The Huntington Beach eatery posted a sign protesting "anti-American stupidity."
A new season of "The Walking Dead" and "Sex/Life" are among the series in the ranking.
The Wyoming Republican was known as a consensus-builder in an increasingly polarized Washington.
"The Twilight Saga" continues to dominate, along with some other romantic fare.
West held a massive listening session at the stadium Thursday and was seen on social media attending a soccer match.

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