Americans will get the clearest look yet at how powerful the anti-abortion movement’s narrative is in the face of facts.
He's our most iconic environmental crusader, but his advice is outdated, incomplete and ignores climate change.
Muslim women are often silenced by their own communities or face Islamophobic stereotypes when they try to seek help.
The mogul is opening doors for Black Hollywood, but that doesn't absolve his work from critique.
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The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee blasted PM Boris Johnson's "inexplicable" decision to withhold the information.
The mystery-thriller "Earthquake Bird" debuts.
NBC's Savannah Guthrie grilled the former U.S. ambassador to the UN about the impeachment inquiry into the president.
The bill encourages states to give victims of sexual violence the same protections currently afforded under federal law.
The actor and artist portrays the president as a crying, cowardly soldier.
The two professors had been abducted three years ago while working at the American University in Kabul.
President Trump's acting chief of staff will instead take direction from the White House.
The high costs of the U.S. health care system are killing people, a new survey concludes.
The U.S. government has acknowledged that being held in detention can be traumatic for children.
The rapper addressed jeers he faced at Dodger Stadium's Camp Flag Gnaw with humor.
Wozniak said the Apple Card gave him 10 times the credit limit his wife received.

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