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The Missouri Republicans is pushing to discipline Waters for her comments at a Minnesota protest.
The third-string quarterback played a critical role off the field during Tampa Bay's Super Bowl-winning season.
Michael Slager told the judge that he was never made aware of a plea deal that would have cut years off his sentence.
The Senate majority leader marked 4/20 with a pledge to vote on legislation legalizing marijuana.
The "Mean Girls" actor told The Knot it was "a sucker punch to the gut."
Trump pushed a lot of conspiracies on Fox News, the CNN anchor pointed out. But he also promoted getting vaccinated.
"A few weeks after his 94th birthday, I opened my laptop and watched him disclose the secrets of his childhood."
Railway worker Mayur Shelkhe hauled the 6-year-old and himself onto the platform just ahead of an onrushing train.
Author Robbie Couch said "the politics of 2016" inspired him to write his debut novel.
“I got the Chinese s**t,” the Trump-loving musician said in a Facebook live video filled with racist slurs.
The Fox News host went way over the top when talking about the former president's current schedule.
Colorado District Judge Natalie Chase was censured by the state's Supreme Court for her behavior.

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