In Jerusalem, meanwhile, a far-right government minister paid a provocative visit to a flashpoint holy site sacred to Jews and Muslims.
The prime minister's Conservatives have consistently trailed the Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, in the polls.
"Within a week, I was so weak that I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was starving and in pain, and my mind was foggy."
An Indonesian man impersonated powerful women in the entertainment industry with promises of job opportunities in an elaborate scheme.
“The practices we are seeing amount to illicit drug trafficking by state officials," the joint executive director of the human rights group Reprieve U.S., said.
After devastating Greenfield, the storms moved eastward to pummel parts of Illinois and Wisconsin, knocking out power to over 130,000 customers.
The Trump scion's objection to Katie Phang's gag was too ironic for critics.
Academic workers have walked off the job to protest the crackdown on campus demonstrations. The university claims the work stoppage is illegal.
The former president’s “fair and square” comment did not go down well.
“We cannot only apply international law when it is convenient,” the progressive senator said about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over actions in Gaza.
Following the 2020 presidential race, Giuliani had accused Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss of election fraud.

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