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"What, exactly, was the game plan, with a house suddenly bereft of progeny?"
Three candidates for public office say Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey offered help in getting a job in exchange for leaving a race and backing his favored candidate.
Cara Mund, a recent Harvard Law School graduate, announced her run at a time when the only abortion clinic is Fargo prepares to relocate across the border to Minnesota.
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Walgreens can be held responsible for over-dispensing highly addictive drugs for years without proper oversight.
A Sesame Street-themed park has announced the implementation of diversity and inclusion training for its employees.
The FBI search of the former president's Florida property was focused on mishandled presidential materials, according to reports.
The girl told police she'd had a stillbirth, then Facebook turned over private messages suggesting otherwise.
"We don’t want to engage with them until they can find a way to respect Indigenous knowledge," a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe said.
The radio host cryptically tweeted Tuesday that "The breakfast club as you know it is officially over" before revealing she was leaving to start her own show.
GOP lawmakers and conservative influencers were quick to call for dismantling the FBI, widespread arrests and violence.
One Twitter user noted that, if Trump can plead the Fifth, his fellow Americans “have the complete right under the First Amendment to mock him relentlessly for it.”
"We thought it would be something like conspiracy or bribery or blackmail, but no," "The Daily Show" host quipped.

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