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Sandra Gutierrez sees chipotles, tortilla and guacamole as more than the foods we love.
Virologist Steven Hatfill was traveling to Arizona to challenge Trump's election loss instead of fighting COVID.
“Ours is not a movement dependent on any one person,” the former head of the Education Department said.
The train had about 147 passengers and 13 crew members onboard, Amtrak's spokesman said.
“They’re in it for the money,” said Republican Grant Woods.
"Well, they should be looking at that," the former president said at the Georgia rally.
Robinson' clothes, phone and wallet were in his car, which was found crashed on its side in rough desert terrain.
To keep his conduct during the insurrection a secret, Trump would need Biden’s cooperation. That won't be coming.
The “Shea Butter Baby” artist discussed her journey to self-love and creating a space for Black women through her music.
Those choices include a filibuster carve-out for voting rights or bringing back a talking filibuster.
Jamie Spears read his famous daughter's texts and controlled who she could be friends with, especially if they were men.
The jury could start deliberating as early as Friday afternoon, wrapping up the R&B singer's six-week trial.

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