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The former secretary of state, who was responsible for at least hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, has himself died.
National security adviser Jake Sullivan has told lawmakers that the White House is not seeking to place conditions on U.S. military assistance to Israel.
Watch a HuffPost exclusive clip of the new documentary “Bad Press.”
During oral arguments in SEC v. Jarkesy, the conservative majority seemed open to an argument that the agency had overstepped its enforcement authority.
The singer is best known for his festive hit "Fairytale Of New York," featuring the late Kirsty MacColl.
Kissinger was complicit in atrocities across the globe during his time in power, including the carpet-bombing of Cambodia.
Janelle Monáe shows us what’s possible when we respect and acknowledge each others' gender identities.
A face that will be embarrassingly familiar to Rudy Giuliani will also reportedly appear in the upcoming movie.
"Those of us who struggle with alcoholism and addiction have internalized the pervasive message that we are simply screw-ups."
Peloton star Robin Arzon joined HuffPost's "Am I Doing It Wrong?" podcast to reveal her secrets to successfully making a big life change.