Are facial and body sunscreens just a marketing tactic — or are they both necessary?
The benefits of coffee are pretty well known, but does hot brew produce different benefits than cold brew?
Read this if you plan on spending any time outdoors. Your body will thank you.
Here's what makes you so attractive to the bugs and how you can prevent bites.
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There's a reason people are deeply invested in the "Midnights" singer's personal life. But when does that interest become unhealthy?
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The term has come up amid events like the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger and the 2022 World Cup. But what exactly does it mean?

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Trump is already under felony indictment in New York for falsifying records regarding a $130,000 hush money payment to a porn star, and faces two other criminal probes.
The officers opened fire last year on an armed man who refused to follow officers' commands, killing him.
Trump’s closest GOP rival never mentioned the coup-attempting former president by name but suggested the prosecution against him was politically motivated.
Markus Maly testified at his trial that the Capitol riot was "fun" for him. He's been sentenced to six years in prison for attacking police.
“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, smaller portions!’ Like, shut the f**k up,” the comedian said.
The 11th annual Night of a Thousand Judys is set to feature performances by an array of Broadway and TV stars, and will benefit homeless LGBTQ+ youth.
The former president surged in the polls after his first indictment. There's little indication it won't happen again.
The former president's attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016 are now evidence against him.
Akira Ross was shot and killed on the second day of Pride month at a Circle K in Cedar Park, a suburb of Austin, Texas.
The GOP's complaints about disparate treatment have already begun. But there’s no real comparison.
The former president failed to understand a key responsibility in the White House, said Timothy Naftali.
Officer Richard Best testifed that Deputy Scot Peterson told him the shooter was upstairs, contradicting the deputy's previous story.