Jade rollers and other skin tools claim to sculpt your face and smooth wrinkles. Dermatologists weigh in on them.
Experts explain what you should look for in new shades and how affordable and pricy pairs may differ.
Here's the scoop on whether the supplement you're adding to your smoothies and shakes is actually good for your health.
Here's an age-by-age guide for white parents to addressing racism and privilege with their children.
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Michele Roosevelt Edwards gave a TV interview in a $30 million mansion she claimed was hers, but the set up was faked.
The action sequel starring Ryan Reynolds took the top spot at the box office from "A Quiet Place Part II."
They're disproportionately detained, receive higher bond costs, and say they face unfair treatment in detention centers.
"I'd do it again any time," the right-wing St. Louis lawyer said of brandishing his firearm at demonstrators.
"We don't want you here," said one bystander. That's "not how you heal a nation," complained the conservative senator.
Then he slipped out of public life and into a biz he set up in the Cayman Islands while reportedly still commerce sec.
Michael Osterholm warned Friday of the possibility of “substantial” local and regional surges.
Next week, New York City’s Democratic primary will provide a high-profile example of ranked-choice voting in action.
Raisi dominated only after a panel under the watch of Iran's Supreme Leader disqualified his strongest competition.
Seven Republican claims about the Jan. 6 insurrection were dismantled by CNN’s Brianna Keilar and John Berman.
“I think she has earned her freedom now," said the woman who found the pig family in the forest.
Six people were taken to the hospital for urgent medical care.

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