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The demonstrations sweeping Iran and the rest of the world are just the latest in a powerful resistance against the politicizing and policing of women’s bodies.
The actor noted her lack of screen time in the Olivia Wilde-directed movie.
The new Congressional Workers Union says Rep. Andy Levin's office voted unanimously in favor of unionizing.
Fetterman's tattoos commemorate those who died violently when he was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.
The two girls planned to run away to Georgia together after carrying out the killings in Texas, authorities said.
A young man shot a Russian military commander at close range at an enlistment office Monday.
The program that paid Favre wasn't paying poor people in the first place.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted citizenship to former U.S. security contractor Edward Snowden.
"You know that a president can't declassify documents by thinking about it," George Stephanopoulos told Sen. John Barrasso.
The right-wing podcaster hasn't served in the military himself, as many critics were quick to point out.
A poor turnout at Saturday’s extremist-laden campaign event could be an indicator the far-right candidate for Pennsylvania governor is losing steam.

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