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Lewinsky suggested an amendment to leave presidents on the hook for crimes they commit.
The top choice, according to nearly 30,000 Ranker voters, makes complete sense. But people were confounded about some other results.
Bob Vander Plaats said Trump is revealing his true character -- and Republican voters have finally noticed.
A truce between Israel and Hamas has entered its fifth day, with the militant group promising to release more civilian hostages.
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The singer's mother said that she’s “sick and tired” of people criticizing her daughter.
The West Virginian’s reelection may have been a lost cause. Are Democrats’ odds any better in Texas or Florida?
Rosalynn Carter, a former first lady from humble beginnings, died last week at age 96.
The endorsement represents a big win for Haley — and another blow to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' presidential aspirations.
Trans people across the country are facing an assault on their right to exist — but being transgender in prison is uniquely difficult.
The gossip surged after Variety reported that the super-powered group were teaming up again.
U.S. officials quietly treat Israel’s $3 billion in annual aid differently than aid to other nations – but they almost never acknowledge that.