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The Mount Marapi volcano erupted again, unleashing a new burst of hot ash as high as 800 meters (2,620 feet) into the air, officials said.
"Somewhere along the way, a universal shift occurred and most of us, me included, forgot how to be with people and experience life outside of a screen."
While working as a corrections officer, Demetrius Haley was accused of excessive force.
The “Barbie” actor shared she doesn’t feel “alone” in enduring Hollywood’s unfair standards.
Fonda couldn't help but laugh while admitting the shamefully superficial reason she'd only date someone 20 or younger.
A Los Angeles man who was already in custody in connection with another shooting investigation has been identified as the suspect in three recent killings of homeless men.
Video from the incident shows an item fly into frame and knock Pugh hard near her right eye during an photo-op with her cast mates.
Sarandon wrote that she made “terrible mistake” by saying Jews in fear of antisemitism were “getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country."
House Republicans' impeachment inquiry has yet to come up with evidence of wrongdoing.
The “Good Wife” star's shocking comments included saying Black people were "brainwashed to hate Jews."
Photographic evidence reveals that all U.S. presidents, lawmakers and even a 58-year-old former GOP House speaker use notes in meetings.
The airline said it was "reaching out to learn more" amid complaints over the matter.