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Minneapolis is on edge as a verdict in the high-profile trial regarding George Floyd's death inches closer.
Twitter critics slammed the gun-loving congresswoman's blazingly obvious comment after the Indianapolis massacre.
The talk show host played an Academy Award statue in a bit that turned raunchy.
The Duke of Edinburgh's faux pas at a White House dinner in 1969 was enough for Philip to actually lose sleep.
When animal rescuers in Poland showed up at the scene, they were able to nab the suspect bread-handed.
He argued that the Three-Fifths Compromise "was not impugning anybody’s humanity."
"No reasonable person could think that defendant's 'mask' complied" with the conditions of release, a judge wrote.
The show investigates "what it means for a Black man to pick up such an iconic historically white symbol."
Fox Business' Lisa Kennedy Montgomery slammed the Republican leader's "call me when you're an American" tweet.
"'model is 5'11 and wears size S' okay??? what does that have to do with me."
The outfielder was already having a great season before making some bros very happy with his MVP beer pong shot.
"sometimes my cat is a little guy but other times he’s a little man"

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