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The hearing took place behind closed doors because authorities say details of the criminal case against U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich are classified.
The late-night host also revealed how it would go down if he ever invited the far-right lawmaker onto his show.
The Kremlin accused the New Yorker writer of spreading "false information" when speaking about atrocities in a Ukrainian city last year.
The billionaire businessman didn't give a reason for his plan to leave the reality show in May 2025.
An uncle of one of the students shot in the possible hate crime said it's “hard to imagine” the young men were not targeted.
The New Orleans singer hit No. 2 in 1971 with the smash, which has been heard in TV and movies ever since.
The clip damns the GOP with the Arkansas Republican governor's own words.
Police have not declared it a hate crime, but the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee wants it investigated as one.
His social media posts were not threatening despite the hundreds of alarming calls and messages to court staff others sent in their wake, he alleges in a court filing.
The former GOP presidential nominee says there are two members of his own party he can't support.
The man appeared to be having a mental health emergency and was incoherent and not fully aware of his surroundings, authorities said.