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It is unclear whether the connection to International Holocaust Remembrance Day was intentional.
Wisconsin's Republican senator is a COVID-19 truther in a swing state.
The state now plans to bring its case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Airlines braced for the highest single-day total of cancellations in three weeks.
Stamos spoke about his complicated friendship with Saget and some uncharacteristic behavior he saw a month before the comedian died.
Incomes rose 0.3% last month as consumers reportedly worry about inflation.
A Kansas State Supreme Court Justice said that Marty Clark’s behavior was “embarrassing, foolish, and grossly immoral" but not a violation of any rules governing judicial conduct.
A 15-week abortion ban, which mirrors the Mississippi law threatening to overturn Roe, is expected to pass quickly through the GOP-controlled state legislature.
Rittenhouse killed two people and wounded a third during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020. He was found not guilty of all charges last year.
Know someone who is still experiencing debilitating symptoms after a COVID infection? Here's how you can actually support them.
"Has anyone tried putting all the Wordle answers together to see if they spell out a warning"
The funding doesn't include any significant effort to address the root cause of the reef's demise: climate change.

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