The experts on gas, bloating, colon cancer and other digestive issues share what they avoid themselves.
A new study shows erythritol may be linked to heart problems — and unfortunately, that may not the only issue. Here's what to know.
Even healthy foods like frozen vegetables are technically "processed." Here's a guide to help you sort out the least-healthy ones.
"New Girl" and "The IT Crowd" are among the titles departing the streaming platform next month.

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“There’s no reason to go this far down the path ... and not bring criminal charges," Mulvaney said.
FBI agents had been part of a multiday law enforcement operation to rescue a group of hostages in Houston, Texas.
The likely 2024 GOP presidential candidate was harshly criticized for calling the Ukraine war a "territorial dispute" and for questioning U.S. support for Kyiv.
Vladimir Putin's influence has reportedly extended to at least one NHL team's Pride Night apparel.
The Yankees legend expressed remorse to Howard Stern about cheating on women.
From "oink for your sausages, piggies" to "a dildo made out of American cheese," food is peppered throughout the HBO series as insults, waste, and power moves.
Shou Zi Chew defended the popular app before House lawmakers who warned that data security and user safety issues could lead to a ban in the U.S.
Romy Mars, 16, says she was grounded because she “tried to charter a helicopter.” So she decided to break her mom and dad's “biggest rule.”
"The Wire" actor was only 60 years old when he was found dead inside his Los Angeles home.
The governing body of track and field also placed limits that will keep women with differences in sex development, or DSD, from competing.
"Where was Marty? Right by my side. He was the ball of fur nestled in my duvet. The damp nose sniffing my tear-soaked face."
The actor and comedian reveals she "didn't know how to empower herself" in a forthcoming MSNBC special, "The Culture Is: AAPI Women."