Will flights get canceled? Should you change your itinerary? Read this guide.
Employee resource groups specifically for midlife and senior employees are exceptionally rare in the U.S. — but they shouldn't be.
You can apply it to all of the other important relationships in your life as well.
These common questions and comments may seem innocent, but can actually do a lot of harm.

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The union's president called on more workers to walk out at Ford and General Motors, but cited progress at Stellantis.
"Sen. Moore has knowingly misled people across Georgia and our nation," a GOP caucus said of the Republican after it suspended him.
Footage of the incident shows Tanner Cook harassing Alan Colie for his YouTube channel, which features other “pranks” like pretending to vomit on Uber drivers.
Oher signed the agreement when he was 18 and living with the couple as he was being recruited by colleges as a star high school football player.
From Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint to Eddie Izzard, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard E. Grant, the actor is being remembered far and wide.
The U.S. Capitol’s catering staff won’t get back pay even after a government shutdown ends.
"i shouldn’t have to go to work if it’s rainy. i should get to stare out the window all day like a cat"
Alabama authorities say they have ruled out the woman's estranged spouse as a suspect in the "horrific" crime that claimed three lives.
Christopher Worrell disappeared after prosecutors recommended a 14-year sentence for assaulting police officers during the 2021 attack.
"My son just informed me it’s illegal for 9 year olds to eat broccoli."
Hollywood’s latest sci-fi epic offers an awkward perspective on artificial intelligence at a time when actors and writers are fighting against its exploitation.