The centuries-old tradition has become increasingly controversial in the countries where it is still practiced.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff corrects a common misperception about the former first lady.
The ex-Trump aide predicted the former president's response whatever way his hush-money trial goes.
Tim Parlatore delivered a curt commentary on the defense's closing arguments in Donald Trump's hush money trial.
"My summer plans include rating 17 million pool handstands 'on a scale of 1-10' even though they are all pretty much 4s".
The 2,500-plus players who played in the Negro Leagues from 1920 to 1948 will be included in professional baseball rankings.
Donald Trump's niece explained the significance of the incident that has entered family lore.
“I should have never hurt him,” David DePape said of Rep. Nancy Pelosi's husband before he was sentenced again in California.
The pier was built to provide humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians amid the nearly 8-month-old war between Israel and Hamas.
“I just want to inspire the little boys out there in Vietnam who never knew that they could do something like this,” Tiara said in an exclusive interview.
The decision may generate momentum for the recognition of a Palestinian state by other EU countries and spur further steps at the United Nations.
The "Brat Pack" actor revealed Monday on "WTF with Marc Maron" that she “was definitely in questionable situations” during her 1980s heyday.

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