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Authorities say Jerrid Joseph Powell began attacking unhoused people in the city on Nov. 26.
Sultan Al Jaber says his statement on fossil fuels was "taken out of context," but a full, unedited video of his comments suggests otherwise.
Subpoenaed bank records suggest Hunter Biden sent his father recurring payments worth $1,380 per month.
The Marvel star was charged with assault after a March incident involving then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.
Teigen described her experience with the mind-altering anesthetic, which the FDA approved for treatment-resistant depression.
During a meeting of the Texas GOP’s executive committee over the weekend, party leaders said the language was too vague.
The expansion and subsequent lapse of pandemic benefits have had major effects on people’s lives.
The "Frasier" star would have "happily" gone on about backing Trump but publicists shut down the interview, radio presenter Justin Webb said.
The ex-congressman is looking for a new hustle after being booted from the House last week.
"For people like me who are single at heart, the risk is not what we'll miss if we do not organize our lives around a romantic partner, but what we'll miss if we do."
“We’re going to win Iowa,” the Florida governor said. “I think it’s going to help propel us to the nomination."