Almost every state has held a mid-pandemic primary that could show how to fix mail-in voting before the Nov. election.
Clothing and beauty companies can have a terrible impact on wildlife, but these brands are working to tackle that.
Epidemiologists are watching politicians repeat the mistakes of the past.
The documentary "Howard" celebrates the Oscar winner behind "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast."


Here's which medical and dental visits you should keep and which you should postpone during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The actor reflects on parenting, appreciating teachers and watching reruns of her hit show with her daughter.
This isn't the school year any of us wanted. Here's how to honor your child's feelings — and help them start off strong.
One of Instagram’s most popular food bloggers shares three plant-based recipes from her latest cookbook.
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With Omar's victory over Antone Melton-Meaux, an attorney, every "Squad" member has won her primary.
The president claimed Harris had been “disrespectful” to Biden, echoing criticism by Trump's campaign earlier Tuesday.
The Minnesota senator defended Joe Biden's new running mate after Trump described her as "very, very nasty."
“This was the pick that scared them the most,” the MSNBC host said.
"I started this year doing a late-night set at a pizza place in Jersey City."
The Fox News host wascalled out for repeatedly mispronouncing Sen. Kamala Harris's name.
Vilifying opposition to pretrial detention is part of Trump's strategy to scare white suburban voters.
"If she ever has to be president of the United States, you can sleep like a baby," the CNN commentator said.
The pandemic dealt another blow to the sports world after the conference's presidents voted to not play this fall.
Trump launched a stream-of-consciousness attack on everything from windmills to Hillary Clinton.
A HuffPost analysis finds the president has averaged less than one a week since July 1.
The singer's biggest hits include “Lemon Tree” and “If I Had a Hammer”

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