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As the country marks National Public Lands Day this weekend, the political tug of war over federal lands and waters wages on.
Digital World Acquisition Corp. loses $139 million in investment commitments in the latest trouble for Trump's social media platform, according to an SEC filing.
This is the book Trump wants in "every classroom in America," presumably without the QAnon propaganda.
"They say you never forget your first love. In my case, Diane was the only girl I ever loved."
Speaking in Texas, Gavin Newsom said the party is "getting crushed" by Republicans partly because they are too timid and forced to play defense.
Texas police officers are under an internal investigation after pushing and slamming students in a high school on Wednesday.
The Oscar-winning actor said incidents like that have “really f**king annoyed" her over the years.
A NASA spacecraft is about to clobber a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away. It's an experiment that may, one day, save the world.
“They have been ignored for years and years,” Masih Alinejad said. “That is why they are angry. Iranian women are furious now.”
The 23-year-old was put in a neck hold and injected with ketamine after being stopped by police in 2019 for “being suspicious." The dosage was higher than recommended.
KTLA reportedly let go of Mark Mester following his comments about the exit of veteran anchor Lynette Romero.

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