Style & Beauty
Four fashion influencers reveal what they were paid for recent social media campaigns they worked on.
Food & Drink
Table salt, kosher salt, sea salt and more -- here's how to know how likely it is your seasoning contains chemicals.
Home & Living
"Gentefied" stands out as the show to watch this week.
What if you shared what was really on your mind during job interviews?


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It's Personal
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The author and former presidential candidate cheered what she called a new era in politics.
The driver - who witnesses said appeared to be targeting children - was arrested.
The Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher has been competing in team-roping events under the name Mason Saunders.
World News
Italy is battling the largest flare-up of the disease yet seen in Europe.
U.S. News
A snowmobiler in Colorado was caught in the torrent of snow but managed to keep a head above the surface.
It's the latest early childhood plan from a 2020 Democratic candidate and it could be the biggest.
The justices will review a ruling that upheld the city’s decision to stop placing children with a Catholic agency.
People on Twitter couldn't unsee that Negan and Alpha moment.
World News
Days earlier, video of the 9-year-old breaking down over taunts about his dwarfism went viral.
The actor marveled at Lopez having her “biggest hit movie at 50.”
The fisher was once hunted nearly to extinction and its populations have been slow to recover.
"I want to be brave like you," Zachary Ro told the openly gay candidate at a rally in Denver.

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