If you've experienced issues like anxiety, depression or grief, you'll certainly relate to these lyrics.
Demi Lovato's latest words are a reminder that just telling a loved one to reach out for help isn't enough.
Food & Drink
"There are 5 seasons: Winter, Spring, Girl Scout Cookie season, Summer, and Fall."
The subtle and not-so-subtle ways people assert their dominance in the office are not all in your head.
It's Personal
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The senator blasted Bloomberg's history of sexist comments right out of the gate at Wednesday's Democratic debate.
He pitched rejoining the Paris Agreement and repeated a debunked claim that he's to thank for closing coal plants.
"The mayor has to stand on his record, and what we need to know is exactly what is lurking out there."
The Campaign Legal Center alleges the Buttigieg campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC.
LGBTQ advocates urged him to apologize for a 2019 video of him calling trans people “some guy wearing a dress” and “it.”
Trump definitely isn't draining it, according to Carl Cameron.
Kellyanne Conway's attorney husband explained why the moniker was now more fitting than ever.
Over a quarter of the nation’s homeless population resides in California, according to a federal report.
The government says Facebook illegally dodged taxes via a scheme involving an Irish subsidiary.
Weird News
Chief Richard Lee disrobed to his underwear and walked out into a snowstorm.
The congresswoman said “internet culture” in general “can often be very toxic.”

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