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A city official said the building management company wouldn't turn the heat off in a senior housing facility despite outdoor temperatures reaching the 90s.
McCarthy's attorney argues in letter that the committee cannot issue subpoenas to the lawmakers under House rules.
Lucrative tax breaks and government loan money have definitely rained down on Musk.
Abbott said he was "livid" about being given incorrect information on the school shooting, but stopped short of offering an apology for repeating it.
The two fires have destroyed at least 330 homes and displaced thousands of residents in the state.
A cache of gold potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars is rumored to be buried somewhere in the Pennsylvania hills.
Police say an autopsy for a young boy found dead in a suitcase in southern Indiana showed he died from an electrolyte imbalance.
Daniel Defense posted a Twitter ad with a young boy cradling a gun like the one used in the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
While mass shootings multiplied, the Texas governor liberalized firearm access.
The "Orange is the New Black" star said she hoped to bestow "a sense of hope and possibility" on children with the doll.
A San Francisco Giants player and a Cincinnati Reds player had to be separated before their game began on Friday.
The trial that has slogged on for a month and a half is finally coming to an end.

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