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The presidential candidate’s unprecedented spending obscured his “Great and Terrible” record.
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The presidential motorcade took to the track to join in a warm-up lap.
Sanders said in Las Vegas that Bloomberg will "not create the energy and excitement we need to defeat Donald Trump."
“Given recent national events it is all the more important to learn from the mistakes of the past," a new bill reads.
Kellyanne Conway's husband interprets the attorney general's criticism as more of a masked warning.
A Democratic state legislator said men "should not be legislating what women do with their bodies."
Biden said it was a big mistake to have deported hundreds of thousands of people without criminal records.
Others are "going to come out" with information about how much Jordan knew, said a former team captain.
Flack stepped down as “Love Island” host last year after being charged with assaulting her boyfriend.
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The student-runners were killed after a man under the influence of alcohol drove into a crowd, Oklahoma police said.
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"My wife and I will leave it to someone else to try and avoid disaster."
The female employee had been struggling to secure child care, according to documents unearthed by The Washington Post.

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