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Some days, kids seem to love it. Other days, they’re in Zoom gloom. Here's how to tell what's working and what's not.
The best recipes for fun desserts to make at home, regardless of whether you're skilled at decorating.
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Researchers found that swing states are particularly vulnerable to militia activity around the 2020 election.
"I’m desperate to find the message that will work ... to turn this around," said an emotional Dr. Ngozi Ezike.
"It won't be so exhausting, just having a normal president," former President Barack Obama told a Florida crowd.
Separating migrant children from their parents. Using the presidency to line his pockets.
"We’re not going to have a socialist president, especially a female socialist president," he said at a rally in Florida.
A national upswing of cases threatens dire shortages of supplies, medical staff and hospital beds.
The Republican said she opposes an election-year Supreme Court appointment, but she's voting to confirm Barrett anyway.
Local leaders wanted to make it easy and safe to vote. So they did.
Fauci said he no longer had the president's ear as much as Dr. Scott Atlas, proponent of a controversial strategy.
"What happened to our freedom?" Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins said his wife wailed.
The president asked the Israeli prime minister, “Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi, Sleepy Joe?”
Geese getting a lift, Colorado wildfires and a Guinness record attempt round out this week's best images.

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