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Stocks rallied in afternoon trading on Wall Street Monday following seven weeks of declines that nearly ended the bull market that began in March 2020.
Wisconsin-based employees of subsidiary Raven Software delivered a blowout victory in the union's favor.
Mayor Harry Sidhu is quitting his post effective Tuesday, his lawyer, Paul S. Meyer, said in a statement Monday.
The White Sox shortstop had accused the Yankees' Josh Donaldson of a racist reference to the first Black major leaguer.
“Usually, dolphins get bored with my experiments. We were tapping into something that is part of the dolphins’ world.” marine biologist Jason Bruck said.
“We want to educate both parents and kids about the risks out there,” the mother of Ryan Last, 17, said.
Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt is making her famous parents "feel beyond blessed and grateful."
"He doesn't have a voice like mine or move on stage like me," the rock legend said of Styles.
Fans will be able to step into a virtual world and experience the cultural roots of the Brooklyn rapper.
The Brooklyn-born musician is using her music and her role at Zora to bridge the digital gap for marginalized folks in the metaverse.
The 21-year-old internet star talked about being mentioned by Adele, growing up Black and queer in the South and creating community online.
The Black Film Archive highlights the many ways Black culture has shown up in films from the past, and tells you where you can stream them.

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