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Trump's substance abuse remarks are a disgusting example of how addiction is often viewed as a moral failure.
Experts are looking to artificial intelligence and citizen scientists to track and combat destruction of the rainforest.
Give yourself a break – you’re parenting through a pandemic.
Get the recipes for lemon butter pasta, chicken fingers, a burrata-topped ragu and more.
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From "Pocahontas" to the "China plague," Trump repeated racist tropes and peddled misinformation in the debate.
Brown, who made history as "the Berlin patient," died at his home after his cancer returned.
The Grammy winner scored several hits, including “Ain’t No Way To Treat a Lady” and “You and Me Against the World.”
The former GOP presidential candidate was diagnosed with COVID-19 soon after attending a Trump rally. He later died.
CNN's Jake Tapper told viewers that the debate “was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”
The former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate reacts to the debate "line of the night."
Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening fines of up to $1,000 for those who refuse to wear masks.
"Almost every single thing he said during that concluding section of the debate was inaccurate," said Daniel Dale.
Mark Hamill, Jeremy Slater, Randi Mayem Singer and more compare the debate to their own showbiz bombs.
"It doesn't work to just say, 'Mr. President, please,'" said the host. "Have you ever asked a toddler please?"
Trump tried to make Americans forget he's threatening the Affordable Care Act's protections for preexisting conditions.
The Democratic vice presidential nominee pushed back on Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists.

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