The Vermont senator's practical inauguration style inspired some hilarious memes and superimposed photos.
If you want a better sex life, experts say to work on improving your emotional intimacy and closeness with your partner.
Experts share advice for parents who want to foster intellectual curiosity in their children.
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Workers in the Bronx are calling for higher wages and better health care. Their congresswoman joined them.
The Senate Minority Leader told fellow GOP senators that a short delay would give Trump time to prepare.
@NoBullBison appeared in April 2019 and immediately began taking swings at critics of Trump’s Interior Department.
Mishandling the vaccine can result in a loss of government funding, so the doctor was fired.
Exotic's legal team was reportedly so confident he'd receive clemency that they hired a limo to get him from prison.
"I'll live with it," the "Late Late Show" host told guest Dakota Johnson. "I don't even have to really see it."
Most backers of the new president expect him to make an effort at bipartisanship, a new survey finds.
Boncuk shows up every day around 9 a.m. and waits until nightfall for her owner, but doesn’t go into the facility.
The royal debuted her drastic "half-hawk" in December and said that "it has provoked all kinds of comments.”
Historians widely panned the report for offering a false and outdated version of American history.

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