Anti-abortion laws that provide zero benefits to patients have been saved by Chief Justice John Roberts.
Almost every state has held a mid-pandemic primary that could show how to fix mail-in voting before the Nov. election.
Clothing and beauty companies can have a terrible impact on wildlife, but these brands are working to tackle that.
The documentary "Howard" celebrates the Oscar winner behind "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast."


Here's what doctors with children really think of distance learning versus in-person learning during the pandemic.
HuffPost Parents talked to Emily Oster about how to think through some of those decisions.
Natural hair bias exists, and now there's proof that it affects the hiring process.
One of Instagram’s most popular food bloggers shares three plant-based recipes from her latest cookbook.
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An investigation into the shooting, which left a pilot with a minor injury, is now underway, authorities said.
Redstone's media empire included CBS and Viacom.
The blast took three hospitals out and left three others working at partial capacity in the middle of a pandemic.
Cases are rising as normal life resumes. But blaming vacationers and partygoers ignores larger issues.
A legal opinion protected energy companies from being prosecuted for unintentionally killing migratory bird species.
Leslie David Baker, aka Stanley, received the messages during his campaign to finance a spinoff.
The president posted the put-down after the comedian staged a mock eulogy for Trump on his HBO show.
The proposed legislation would allow a girl to be married once her sexual organs mature.
Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are virtually certain to head back to Congress.
Locals are trying to clean up the oil spill after the MV Wakashio struck a coral reef and ran aground.
His other ex-wife is coming to his defense amid backlash over how he handled his divorce from the "Selling Sunset" star.

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