A new study that says breastfeeding is correlated with higher test scores is the latest example of the limitations of this kind of research.
For Californians, there's a jarring familiarity and strangeness to seeing the wildfire smoke from Canada engulf the Northeast.
The scenario was brought up in "Vanderpump Rules," though the facts are disputed. But there's a legitimate way to handle it if it happens to you.
Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is hard. These pet parents thought of creative ways to honor them.
If you think cotton is always a good idea, you might want to think twice.
Even short-term exposure to bad air poses major risks to your respiratory health.
The health hazards of wildfire smoke are real and wide-ranging. Here's what you should know.
It's common to word your out-of-office message this way, but it could be causing you unnecessary issues when you get back.

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A dive into the cultural narrative that queerness and spirituality are like oil and water.
The actor stars in the new psychological thriller "The Crowded Room."
Licht was under fire following a series of controversies, including hosting a town hall with former President Donald Trump.
Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards opposes the legislation, but has not said whether he would veto the bills.
The rapper was apparently attempting to send money to a fan when the blunder happened.
The Grammy-winning pianist blended jazz, classical, folk and other stylings on such million-selling albums as “Autumn,” “Winter Into Spring" and “December.”
A man who resembled Johnston was spotted among snapshots of people wanted by the FBI in 2021.
Jason Brune invoked kinky sex to make a point about how he views power dynamics between his state and the federal government.
Canadian wildfire smoke is creating dangerous air quality conditions in parts of the U.S.
Engine issues forced the Air India flight from New Delhi to land at Magadan airport on Tuesday.
Barrymore starred in the director’s beloved fantasy film when she was 7 years old.
"Was I willingly dragging my daughter into the line of fire?... Would my daughter not only *be* safe, but *feel* safe, when we landed?"