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The president is also ordering Defense Department aircraft to ship formula from overseas.
House Democrats are pushing a small funding boost for the Food and Drug Administration.
Sunshine Suzanne Sykes of the Navajo Nation is also the fifth Indigenous woman in U.S. history to serve on a federal court.
A chat about the insurrectionist, the corporate centrist and the dude with the tattoos.
The celebrity doctor-turned-Senate candidate thanked the Fox News host for his help in the Republican primary.
The legislation makes it illegal to sell or possess unserialized gun parts or homemade firearms, which are difficult for police to trace.
“We came to try to have a family vacation," the mother of the teen said.
Whitney Henriquez said that, over time, Depp became "vehemently" opposed to his wife working in Hollywood.
As a result of the injury, Biniam Girmay had to withdraw from the Giro d’Italia cycling competition.
Tom Cruise mania descended Wednesday in Cannes where the actor made a whirlwind appearance at the film festival.
The singer gave NYU graduates advice about learning from mistakes while remarking on her own public cancellation.
Don Gorske has eaten a Big Mac almost every day for 50 years ― more than 32,000 as of last August.

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