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There are enough votes on the Supreme Court to uphold new restrictions on Plan B and birth control, experts say.
Arredondo's resignation follows widespread condemnation over the police's fatally botched response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School
"We are truly a Nation In Decline!" he railed on Truth Social.
Police are investigating after more than 30 bodies, some decomposing, were found inside a southern Indiana funeral home.
Martin allegedly loitered by the petitioner's house at least three times following a breakup, according to Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero.
"We don’t even know if this marriage will make it to the five-year anniversary. And dare I say it... I’ll be OK if it doesn’t."
The Blink-182 drummer said he's "very very grateful" for the care he's received after his sudden hospitalization.
The young rape victim was denied the procedure in her home state of Ohio, where abortion is banned after about six weeks.
If confirmed, Russia’s complete seizure of Luhansk would provide its troops with a stronger base from which to press their advance in the Donbas.
They posted other "overtly racist, sexist and ableist" comments on WhatsApp that mocked some of the same people they were protecting, a tribunal ruled.
Strict anti-abortion laws often include an exception when abortion can save a patient, but some life-or-death scenarios are not so black and white.

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