Here are the risks of going to restaurants, seeing family and friends, traveling and more after getting vaccinated.
COVID-19 forced many employees to work from home in 2020, but not everyone can deduct their home office on their taxes.
Experts break down the best and worst pre-made ingredients for your health.
If you want to be an ally, reading nonfiction about race isn't enough. Black fiction should make your list, too.
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Springsteen pleaded guilty to a third charge — consuming alcohol in the Gateway National Recreation Area.
“Starting a petition for a 13 Going On 30 sequel IMMEDIATELY. We’ll worry about the concept later,” one person wrote.
Lawmakers say there's plenty for them to do, and that it's often important to be on the ground.
The Fox News host said he and his team spent "all day" trying to locate the conspiracy theory.
The family of Angelo Quinto called police on Dec. 23 because the Navy veteran was suffering a mental health crisis.
Stewart also revisited her days fending off men as a model and then working on Wall Street in the 1960s and ’70s.
An investigator told AG Jason Ravnsborg during questioning, “His face was in your windshield, Jason, think about that.”
HuffPost obtained a request for Biden to stop a plan to label goods from the occupied West Bank as "Made in Israel."
The FDA's panel of experts will meet Friday to decide whether to approve the coronavirus shot.
The deadly U.S. Capitol riot "cannot be minimized," said the third-ranking House Republican.
Biden's pick to lead the White House budget office has run into a series of troubles since her nomination was announced.
"You get thrown in the padded room or put in stretcher restraints and tied up," she said of her experience as a teen.

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