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“I am uniquely good at building coalitions that extend far outside of the progressive movement,” said Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.).
Public tours of the White House will resume a full operating schedule next month, after nearly a year and a half of disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic.
After the boy's father left their motel room, the kid son found the dad's gun and fired a round that passed through and killed the baby and struck the toddler.
"He would tell us about conservative public figures who would thank him because he’d discreetly helped them."
Renee Schmidt told HuffPost that if she became pregnant and couldn't get an abortion, her spine would likely dislocate because of her disability.
"Our choice was, and remains, controversial. But it shouldn’t be."
“I will not be running for any office this fall,” Providence Police Officer Jeann Lugo said after violence erupted at the Rhode Island State House.
The American Rescue Plan lifted 4 million children out of poverty. This legislation didn’t simply make life a little easier for some Americans. It saved lives.
The Prince of Wales made headlines after a Sunday Times investigation revealed that Charles accepted bags of cash from a Qatari politician years ago.
With restrictions on concealed carry loosened, Democratic-led states are turning to legislative options to limit guns in public.
Films like "Can't Hardly Wait," "Clueless" and "Cruel Intentions" held up an unflinching mirror to the roles young people were socialized to play in a heteronormative society.

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