Neurologists explain why this popular hairstyle can make your head hurt.
Food & Drink
From sugar cookies to peppermint, these recipes are the tried-and-true favorites of food bloggers.
Don't be too honest, but do come prepared to sell your value.
Style & Beauty
Got wrinkles or sun spots? Dermatologists explain the powers and limitations of creams versus Botox and lasers.
It's Personal
At HuffPost, we report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story. Learn more here.
The actor played a huge variety of roles in movies, theater and TV in a career that spanned six decades.
World News
Many of the victims were factory workers who were asleep when the blaze ignited on Sunday morning in the Indian capital.
U.S. News
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed to the move as a victory, arguing she and other critics "saved the public billions."
Culture & Arts
In reality, the crackdown on Asian-run spas leads to the criminalization of migrant sex workers.
Hill said it's time for the public to stop pretending people don't take such photos.
The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa is "heartbroken" over the death of Jazz.
The "deeply troubling" incident never should have been allowed to happen, prison officials said.
"Understand, she is a prayerful, strong woman," Christine Pelosi said on CNN.
Walter Shaub also delivered a takedown of White House Counsel Pat Cipollone’s letter decrying the impeachment inquiry.
The MSNBC host issued a reminder about how Gingrich hasn't always been against impeaching presidents in the holidays.
The candidate has publicly called on the prestigious but controversial consulting firm to let him break his NDA.
The World Health Organization says the rise of the vaccine-preventable disease is "an outrage."

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