Parents, let's teach our children to break the cycle and stop assigning moral value to weight loss or weight gain.
The long-term symptoms from the coronavirus can be brutal. But you can actually help someone going through it.
From the kitchen to the bathroom, these are some of the most misused items in your home.
Experts share tips for parents and caregivers who badly need to lighten their load.
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Democrats are using budget reconciliation to pass an enormous aid package without worrying about the filibuster.
Despite the winter-storm disaster in Texas, Cruz was still willing to make light of his Cancun trip.
"You can blame the wine for the expletives," the former House speaker tweeted.
People were chanting "CNN sucks," while one woman urged, "Get him! Get him!"
Shaquille Romblay talks to the founder of For The Gworls about the importance of declaring “Black Trans Lives Matter.”
The former Senator faced pressure to sell after she objected to the league’s initiatives to advocate for racial justice.
Black and Latinx people are being vaccinated at lower rates, even as they face higher rates of death from COVID-19.
Richard Michetti apparently sent his ex-girlfriend text messages and two videos from inside the U.S. Capitol.
Lobbying groups are fighting to block cities from having a final say over building codes that could cut pollution.
"My Head & My Heart" also gives the rising pop star a chance to go full-on dance diva.
The senator's insistence on defending the former president through thick and thin is mind-boggling, Meyers said.
Costco is upping its minimum pay to $16 an hour because "paying employees good wages makes sense," Jelinek said.

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