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"Everyone knew what was in that bill," the Oklahoma Republican said of the legislation on Ukraine and the U.S. border that failed in the Senate.
But no GOP House members have actually introduced legislation to protect access to in vitro fertilization.
The cookbook author said that she's focused on protecting her "peace" during her current pregnancy.
Judge Natalia Cornelio found that Jeffery Prevost received ineffective legal assistance at trial.
Charles Spencer posted an image in which Diana bears a resemblance to another member of the royal family.
The gunshot detection technology was meant to alert police immediately to the location of gunfire. Newly released video shows what became a near fatal flaw.
“I’ll go again given the opportunity,” Michael Sparks, 46, texted his mom a day after the attack. He was convicted of all six charges, including two felonies.
The end of the decade will see redistricting votes in statehouses nationwide, and Democrats want to maximize their ability to influence those decisions.
Expectant bald eagle parents Jackie and Shadow have braved wind, rain and snow to protect their three precious eggs.
A senior U.S. official says Israel has essentially endorsed a framework of a proposed Gaza cease-fire and hostage release deal, and it is now up to Hamas to agree to it.
The leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, most often by an abusive partner with a gun.
Brandon Fellows lit up a joint in a senator's office while a mob trashed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

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