For restaurant workers, choosing between financial ruin and a risky work environment is no choice at all.
Subtle negative experiences you had with exercise growing up can affect how you feel about working out as an adult.
Some seemingly innocuous terms in the English language have racist or otherwise problematic histories.
Dermatologists explain whether a higher price correlates with better skin protection.
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The lawsuit, filed in Boston’s federal court, seeks to prevent federal immigration authorities from enforcing the rule.
“The injury required sutures, and out of an abundance of caution, he stayed in the hospital overnight," the court said.
A motion-sensor camera captures a funny nocturnal moment in South Africa and the fur flies.
The restoration effort called for returning some 200 grizzly bears to the wilds of the North Cascades.
The woman allegedly coughed intentionally on the child after accusing the mother of failing to socially distance.
Trump claimed that some schools were staying closed during the coronavirus pandemic for political reasons.
Video showed two people painting over the mural on Saturday. Racism, said one of them on camera, is a "leftist lie."
One of Reagan's most famous speeches gets turned against the president.
"I didn’t actually believe it when I first heard it, but it’s on tape," said Cooper of the president's outlandish claim.
Democrats “cite the rising COVID infection rates in certain states to sell their latest panic porn,” she commented.
“People here in South Jersey are ready for change,” she said.

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