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“'I just came out two years ago and I’m dating. But I’m 72,' he shrugged, smiling. 'Something needs to change. Before I die, I want to have more sex!'”
The fishing duo posed for a photo with their catch just minutes before an official discovered something inside the animals.
Rep. Matt Gaetz was one of several House Republicans who voted against a resolution to allow FEMA to use up to $15 million in the Disaster Relief Fund.
"Saturday Night Live" cast member Mikey Day, who portrayed Adam Levine, made X-rated remarks as he discussed one woman's pictures.
Chris Kise has seemingly been sidelined to make way for lawyers who support Trump's desire to fight back against the Justice Department.
Musk said the machine, which waved at the audience and lifted its knees, is a work in progress — but will be tested by working at Tesla's car factories.
Trump told Michigan rally attendees on Saturday that Virginia "Ginni" Thomas was a “great woman” and didn't do something "stupid people" do.
Video shows the aircraft falling from the sky and landing outside a Fresno house Saturday morning.
A letter from the acting U.S. archivist on Friday detailed the record-keeping agency's next move to retrieve Trump White House records.
The horror movie topped the box office with $22 million in ticket sales, leaving Billy Eichner’s rom-com in the dust.
Tudor Dixon, the party’s nominee for governor, had the smallest contingent of visible allies, judging by the campaign apparel that people wore to the Michigan rally.
U.S. officials say they are vowing to unleash a massive amount of federal aid in response to Hurricane Ian as the death toll rises amid recovery efforts.

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