Feel like you're constantly being asked to accept cookies from every website you visit? We asked experts if it's safe.
The onslaught of bad news — from the abortion rights ruling to mass shootings to COVID — can lead to a unique type of burnout.
Experts weigh in on social media's effects on the skin care industry, and why patients need to question the "advice" of their favorite influencers.
Prevent foodborne illness, dangerous fires and other hazards.

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“Most of the sick people in this outbreak live in or traveled to Florida about a month before they got sick," the CDC said as it asked for the public's help.
"The Late Late Show" host comically filled in for White House staffers but the president got in the best line.
The board is considering curriculum changes one year after Texas passed a law to eliminate topics from schools that make students “feel discomfort.”
The brothers spoke about their late mother, the princess of Wales, who died 25 years ago.
The 26-year-old NFL player's death has been ruled an accident after an autopsy.
The guitar the former Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive leader used to write hits like "American Woman" was stolen in Toronto and recovered in Tokyo.
More than 500 days into his presidency, Joe Biden’s hope for saving the Earth from the devastating effects of climate change may not be dead.
The "Late Night" host focused on star Jan. 6 hearing witness Cassidy Hutchinson's account of a conversation she had with a White House attorney.
"This is the time to get in the fight, and it starts on a local level," the actor said.
The American Airlines customer grew so frustrated with its mobile app, website and chat platform that he drove to the airport after spending four hours on hold.
Many ultra-conservative Republicans were badly beaten on Tuesday, losing a battle — though perhaps not the war — for an even more radical GOP.

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