The agency has warned of an 85% chance of an above-normal season, with up to seven major hurricanes expected in the Atlantic over the next six months.
The lawsuit was being brought with 30 state and district attorneys general and seeks to break up the monopoly they say is squeezing out smaller promoters and hurting artists.
In a series of campaign ads, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris slammed the politician for falsifying his support of the Black community.
The historic "Appeal to Heaven" flag has been linked with Christian nationalists and those who support former President Donald Trump.
A former Baltimore city prosecutor has been spared prison time in her sentence for perjury and mortgage fraud.
A claim about the president’s son lying to Congress doesn’t match the evidence Republicans presented Wednesday.
The Jamaican-American musical artist reacted to the SWAT team's visit on Instagram later that day, saying, “People love negative energy!”
"He just floated away into the elevator in a lavender haze of talent," Poehler recalled of her clunky exchange with the late singer on "Saturday Night Live."
The actor claims a security guard who didn't recognize him kicked him out of a VIP after-party celebrating the film at Cannes.
The "Avengers" star, who broke 38 bones and says his "eyeball was out," took a priceless lesson home.
The question about her marriage generated a telling response from the "Atlas" star.
Cleaning and laundry expert Patric Richardson has life-changing hacks to help you tackle this not-so-fun chore.

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