Plus, the 10 that ranked lowest on the list.
The cheap and accessible supplement is said to help with insulin sensitivity, but experts say there are real risks.
There are secret ways to ask, and the answers may reveal a lot about the organization.
The term has come up amid events like the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger and the 2022 World Cup. But what exactly does it mean?
There's a reason people are deeply invested in the "Midnights" singer's personal life. But when does that interest become unhealthy?
"Coffee is good but nothing wakes you up harder than the adrenaline of searching for a piece of your kid’s sports uniform on Saturday morning."
As large regions of the U.S. face another smoky day, here's what doctors advise to keep children safe.
As wildfire smoke covers parts of the U.S., veterinary experts share their advice for keeping your dogs, cats and birds safe and healthy.

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Trump is already under felony indictment in New York for falsifying records regarding a $130,000 hush money payment to a porn star, and faces two other criminal probes.
Johnson said he’s quitting as a lawmaker after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading Parliament.
The former president failed to understand a key responsibility in the White House, said Timothy Naftali.
The GOP's complaints about disparate treatment have already begun. But there’s no real comparison.
Hawley joined the conservative outcry with wild accusations against President Joe Biden, but a House member delivered a precise clapback.
"By age 39, I was a mother of 10. And I had learned what kind of father my husband was."
The "Dead to Me" actor delivered a teary speech at Variety’s 2023 TV FYC Fest after reuniting with her former co-star Jean Smart.
People still wrongly believe that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen, the Parkland shooting victims were crisis actors, and the 2020 election was rigged.
HBO's “Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed” presents the late actor as a cultural catalyst who enjoyed a "randy gay sex life" behind the scenes.