The Papua New Guinea government said thousands are believed to have been buried alive in a landslide in the South Pacific island nation.
It's not the first time Trump has used a remembrance holiday to slam his opponents.
The former president's boast isn't sitting well with his critics.
The former president complained about a "very unfair" detail in his hush money trial which is actually pretty standard.
"How dare you tweet this, THIS weekend," former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger fired back at Donald Trump's son.
The "Underworld" actor suffered an unspecified health issue earlier this year.
It's all about the ego, said New York University history Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat.
A series of powerful storms in the central and southern U.S. left a wide trail of destroyed homes, businesses and power outages.
Mike Morgan, 51, was struck while feeding his herd from a trailer.
Martha-Ann Alito told a Post reporter in 2021 the flag was "an international signal of distress."
The Hall of Famer passed away after “a prolonged battle with cancer,” the league said.

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