The incoming New York congressman named Randi Weingarten, Dr. Betty Rosa and Freeman Hrabowski as possibilities.
"I want this holiday to be less about freaking out and forcing fun, and more about loosening my grip."
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The recommendation makes it near-certain that Meeks will become the panel's first Black chair.
A new report examined blood donations in states between mid-December and January. Some showed evidence of antibodies.
Progressive Democrats criticized the former president for painting defunding as little more than a divisive "slogan."
"Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much," Emma Portner wrote.
The attorney general admitted there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud that would change the election outcome.
The rules for H-1B visas were announced in October as part of Trump's wider agenda to block all immigration.
The AG quietly appointed Durham as special counsel in October, making it harder for Durham to potentially be fired.
The Laquan McDonald scandal and a rocky history with labor unions loom over an Emanuel nomination to a Cabinet post.
“COVID has created a crisis, and in a crisis, people expect Congress to act,” the Republican said in a press briefing.
McEnany's claim is misleading, and ignores her own deputy secretaries as well as Pence's press secretary, who are men.
The Treasury Secretary argued that the funds should instead be used to help small businesses and unemployed workers.
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