Introducing our list of 20 activists, artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs who are changing America.


As wildfires dominate the news, experts suggest some of the best ways you can help the planet and combat climate change.
New research says many women struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD months down the road.
Stop thinking about your money according to monthly budgets.
"We’re missing out on all of these meaningful moments with our kids, because we’re literally just trying to survive."
It's Personal
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Kelly D. Holstine said she knelt during the football game to "stand up for marginalized and oppressed people."
While searching for answers on why Iran shot the Ukrainian plane down, Canadians also have not let Trump escape blame.
World News
The military originally said no service members had been hurt in Iran's Jan. 8 missile attack.
The administration is joined by the Little Sisters of the Poor.
Yes, it’s a trial — but the Senate’s impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump won’t resemble
“This is definitely an ‘are you f**king kidding me?’ kinda day.”
Culture & Arts
A show of support in Australia, a 'No Pants' subway ride and a photo-bombing luge run round out this week's best images.
The Center for Immigration Studies is categorized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The only known tape of Super Bowl I is shut in a vault, but some filmmakers are hoping to change things.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge already have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis.
She said that she's "not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics."
She called Raju a "liberal hack" after he asked if the Senate should consider new evidence in Trump's impeachment trial.

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