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Zelenskyy accused Russia of carrying out “daily terrorist acts” and urged Russia’s expulsion from the United Nations.
Oklahoma can now prosecute non-Native Americans for crimes committed on tribal land.
Parnas used the riches of a wealthy Russian to make illegal donations to politicians.
A trio of election skeptics lost in a state where an array of voting options and efficient elections may have served as a natural defense against the "Big Lie."
The Republican had a history of electoral success in Oklahoma and widespread name recognition, but didn’t get out of single digits on Tuesday.
Angeli Rose Gomez criticized officers for not immediately entering Robb Elementary School as a gunman killed children and teachers.
All of the risks we took — all the chances that could’ve led to death or jail — were merely to have access to things we couldn’t afford.
"The consequences impact all of us," Meghan said. "My husband and I talked about that a lot over the past few days. He’s a feminist, too."
One Twitter user wrote, "Kimberly Elise was literally in For Colored Girls.. need I remind her of the abortion plot point???"
"I’ve been surrounded by these attitudes and targeted my whole life,” Hamilton said Tuesday. “There has been plenty of time to learn. Time has come for action.”
The "Charlie's Angels" star will appear alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix comedy "Back in Action."

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