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7 Delicious Toast Recipes To Keep You Full All Morning

These go WAY beyond simply jam or Vegemite.

Toast is one of the easiest breakfasts to make, but it's not always the most filling -- or satisfying in terms of flavour.

While butter and jam or Vegemite do the trick for an hour, to get the most out of toast time, add filling, flavourful ingredients like avocado, marinated beans, cooked veggies, seasonal fruit and cheese (in all its forms).

And you don't have to use plain sandwich bread -- experiment with sourdough, wholemeal English muffins and seedy burger buns.

Try these seven delicious, satisfying toast toppings. Imagine rocket, prosciutto and tomato eggs Benedict, honey and thyme ricotta with fig toast, and pizza toast. Yes, pizza toast.

1. Zucchini and chorizo cheese toast

This satisfying toast combines fresh sliced zucchini, ground chorizo and Gouda cheese, which is piled up on fresh, sturdy bread and grilled until golden and melted.

2. Mexican grilled corn avocado toast

Avo toast is a breakfast classic and this Mexican-inspired version takes it to another level -- creamy smashed avocado topped with grilled, charred and buttery corn, crumbly, fresh cheese, spices, herbs and lime juice.

3. Honey and thyme ricotta with figs on toast

These fig toasts with whipped honey and thyme ricotta are packed full of sweet, herby, delicate flavour, and they're super easy to make. Don't have figs? Try slices of apple, pear or banana. Perfect for those who love sweet breakfasts.

4. Rocket and prosciutto eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benny isn't something we typically associate with 'toast' or 'weekday breakfast', but there's no reason why we can't quickly make this weekend favourite. All you need to do is poach some eggs, toast the English muffins and layer with prosciutto and warmed ready-made hollandaise sauce.

5. Pizza toast

Who doesn't want pizza for breakfast, right? These quick and easy pizza toasts only require 10 minutes and whichever pizza toppings tickle your fancy. Sold.

6. Avocado toast with tomato and hard boiled egg

This is eggs on toast, but not as you know it. This nutritious, filling toast takes shredded hard boiled egg for a lighter bite (genius) and piles it with avocado and tomato. It's easy to assemble and you only need six ingredients.

7. Marinated white beans with olive oil toast

If you love Mediterranean flavours -- think sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, feta, fresh herbs and roasted red capsicum -- this toast is for you. It's as simple as marinating the white beans in a herb, oil and lemon mixture, along with the feta, tomatoes and capsicum, and serving on top of toast drizzled with olive oil.

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