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ABC Journalist Adam Harvey Struck By Stray Bullet In Philippines

He was hit while working in the city of Marawi.

ABC journalist Adam Harvey has been hit in the neck by a stray bullet while working in the city of Marawi in the Philippines on Thursday.

Harvey was inside a compound in the Lanao del Sur Provincial Capitol safe-zone taking photos of Filipino evacuees when he was struck by the bullet, according to a CNN Philippines report.

The ABC Indonesia correspondent appears to have suffered a minor injury under his left ear from the bullet and was seen being put in a cautionary neck brace in footage taken while he was being treated in an emergency medical clinic.

"I'll be fine. They want to put me in a neck brace but I think as a precaution. It literally looks like I've been hit with a cricket ball," he said while speaking on a phone in the video.

Harvey's producer, Geoff Thomson, who was with him at the time of the incident, told the ABC's 7.30 the journalist is "as well as you could possibly be with a bullet if your neck,".

"He is doing basically anything that he would normally do. He's got a slight swelling on the side of his neck. There is some sort of vascular damage, but it is superficial," he said.

"It is just below the jawline -- we think it hit him from probably behind and came forward. In the x-ray it looks very dramatic. He's got a bullet right next to his spine, but it is really not that bad."

Harvey, the son of the late Nine News veteran journalist Peter Harvey, has been in Marawi reporting on an Islamic State occupation of the city in which civilians have been killed during military attempts to recover the location.

The Christians who escaped Marawi today yelled 'Allah akhbar' as they fled. It didn't stop ISIS from shooting at them as they ran. Two hit.

— Adam Harvey (@adharves) June 13, 2017


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