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ABF Stop More Than 100 Alleged Criminals From Boarding Flights To Australia

Terror suspects, drug traffickers and organised crime figures were intercepted.

Hundreds of alleged criminals have been stopped from entering Australia on flights out of the Middle East and Asia.

Terror suspects, drug traffickers, organised crime figures and illegal immigrants have been intercepted by a secret border security task force.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton told Channel Nine the low-profile crackdown is working well for Australia.

"Many countries allow people to arrive and assess the threat then," he said.

"But the Australian model ... is that we have these Airport Liaison Officers (ALOs) posted at these international ports, stopping people getting onto planes."

The low-profile Australian Border Force (ABF) crackdown has stopped 153 "genuinely documented but non-genuine travellers" from boarding planes bound for Australia in the past month, NewsCorp Australia reports.

Dutton identified foreign fighters returning to Australia as a specific threat to the country.

"The idea is to stop them getting on planes and we keep Australians safer if we do that," he told Channel Nine.

An undisclosed number of ALOs have reportedly been posted at 50 air hubs in countries across the world and will work closely with local authorities.

It's also been reported the Airport Liaison Officers are working with Qantas and their partner airline, Emirates.

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