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Adelaide Had A Little Earthquake And Everyone Made The Same Lame Jokes Again

Many slept through the 3.7 quake.
EVERYONE made the same joke.
EVERYONE made the same joke.

Adelaide was rumbled by a magnitude 3.7 earthquake just after midnight, but it seemed very few people even noticed.

Geoscience Australia confirmed the earthquake occurred at Murray Bridge, about 70 kilometres east of Adelaide, at 12.08am. While fairly low on the Richter scale, it was a shallow quake at a depth of just eight kilometres.

With the quake so mild, all the usual jokes started coming out.

There were reports of the quake rattling windows and waking residents. One resident said it felt "like a road train coming down the dirt road", according to Nine News. But it didn't stop people from making the same jokes over and over again.

Apparently there was an #earthquake in Adelaide last night and I didn't even notice it.

It's okay.

We will rebuild.

— JΛY BUCKS 🇦🇺 (@TheMasterBucks) February 1, 2017

Like, EVERYONE made the same joke.

Some others at least tried something a little different.

Some barely even noticed the quake, though.

And others saw the funny side of things.


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