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Bachelor Matty J Throws His Support Behind Marriage Equality

"Not every Australian will get the chance to date 22 people on national TV but they should all have the opportunity to marry the person they love."

While this season of 'The Bachelor' has been full of controversy, the man himself Matthew "Matty J" Johnson posted on his Instagram on Tuesday putting his support behind the upcoming marriage equality postal survey.

In the caption, Matty highlighted the absurdity of his current on-screen dating situation, encouraging his fans and followers to make sure they're enrolled and their details are updated.

"Not every Australian will get the chance to date 22 people on national TV but they should all have the opportunity to marry the person they love and be treated equally under the law."

Matty isn't the only Bachelor alum to post about the upcoming postal survey, with the former Bachelorette Georgia Love and former Bachelor Sam Wood also posting their support.

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"I'm so embarrassed for that time in the future when people look back and say, 'Can you believe gay people weren't even allowed to be married!'" Love captioned the image.

"I'm ashamed that I live in a country that tells anyone their love is less legitimate than someone else's. But more than anything, I'm angry."

Other celebs have been outspoken, supporting LGBTQ Australians and urging their fans to do the same. Jessica Origliasso, one part of The Veronicas, shared an incredible message on her Instagram.

According to the Australian Government I am a valued tax paying member of society. According to my passport & Visa , I am an Australian Individual of extraordinary ability and achievement. According to the Australian tourism & export industry, I am a valuable Australian musical commodity. But according to the current Australian laws & government, I and all LGBTQ+ citizens are still considered second class Australian citizens - without the same immediate legal rights to all relationship protections and responsibilities that married couples are granted. Why is the legalities of marriage as important to some as the spiritual union? Let's start here - If the person you love was in an emergency situation, a marriage certificate allows married partners to easily prove their legal rights if challenged - this is especially important for same sex couples as they are often discriminated against in this scenario. LGBTQ pay the same taxes. LGBTQ are service men and woman, first responders, military, politicians, doctors, surgeons, nurses, journalists, school teachers, valued contributors of our communities, hospitals, military, arts, and society. LGBTQ lead not for profits, and are contributors to tourism for Australia. LGBTQ should be afforded the EQUAL rights for protection, entitlements and equality in our country. We have 24 hours left to enrol and let our voices be heard to correct this in Australia. So please make sure you have registered! I've seen countless signs posted of hate propaganda against same sex parents and the LGBTQ community ahead of this vote - and the psychological impact & physical bullying those messages have on LGBTQ youth or kids of LGBTQ & same sex parents continues to present itself in damning statistics. I am here because we must continue to speak louder than the voices that aim to divide us. We won't stop until we live in an all inclusive Australia for everyone🏳️‍🌈

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Similarly, Margot Robbie, Flume and many, many more celebs are using social media to urge Aussies to vote in the upcoming marriage equality survey.

Australia, please make sure you are enrolled to vote. Love is love 🌈

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The deadline to enrol for the vote is midnight, Thursday August 24. You can enroll via the AEC website, or update your details here. If you'd like any more information on the marriage equality postal survey, you can read a bit more about it here.

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