New Sanders Ad Is The Complete Opposite Of Modern Politics

It's way too early to tell if Bernie Sanders will win the US general election, but his supporters look set to win the internet.

The unofficial campaign ad, uploaded a week ago, uses excerpts from Democratic US Presidential hopeful Sanders urging voters to see past racial, sexual, and gender barriers.

“Our job is not to divide. Our job is to bring people together," Sanders says, as images of New Yorkers of all different races and gender are laid on top of each other.

“When we stand together and demand that this country works for all of us rather than the few, we will transform America and that is what this campaign is about.”

It couldn't be any more different to Republican front runner and billionaire, Donald Trump, who has been accused of sexism and racism amid his calls to temporarily ban muslims from entering the US.

Directed by Jonathan Olinger, the video has been shared thousands of times on Twitter since Sanders rolled over long-time presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary.

Trump won the Republican primary contest, taking almost double the vote of his nearest rival in the Granite State, John Kasich.

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