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How To Work From Home Amid COVID-19 According To These Instagram Artists

Because sometimes we need to a cute doodle on Instagram to keep us motivated.
Sometimes we need to a cute doodle on Instagram to keep us motivated.
Cheeky Palm/ Harley Drew This
Sometimes we need to a cute doodle on Instagram to keep us motivated.

For those people who don’t work from home regularly, the new normal of not going out to your workplace can be daunting – especially if your home is full of distractions such as kids, partners, Netflix and, AHEM, the fridge!

How many of us are sitting around in PJs right now? Is the every-other-day hair wash routine now down to once a week?

Rolling out of bed and moping over to the cluttered kitchen table to work on your laptop non-stop is tempting in these worrying times but experts stress that routine is key.

“You must have a routine. This is crucial for your productivity and mental health,” said Sam Akbar, a psychologist who works from home.

“Get up at the same time everyday and find yourself a place to work. Then tell your family to leave you alone.”

Alongside having a routine, it’s important to build a schedule for the day, adds Chambers. Block out what you need to do into bitesize chunks, task by task. If you have kids you need even more focus and stringent scheduling – get the most urgent tasks done first thing because distraction is inevitable, he adds.

This stern advice is sometimes easier said than done. To make the transition easier, we’ve rounded up a list of talented artists that have some great ideas about how to remain productive while self-isolating.

1. @cheeky_palm

This Aussie artist creates illustrations about big feelings, vulnerabilities and anxiety. In the below artwork, Cheeky Palm talks about the importance of planning and creating a routine to help you feel like you have some structure to your day, like you usually would at work. Making time for exercise, lunch and some online socialising can all help underpin the day and give you a good basis for a routine.

The artist, who also creates prints and fashion items, has been dropping her artwork around her community of Newtown to spread kindness and positivity in the inner west suburb of Sydney.

“I am 90% self isolating right with the exclusions of a daily walk, bike ride or grocery shop,” they said.

“On my walk this morning after feeling pretty down, I came across a cupboard filled with little snacks and food for folks to take if they need. It made me feel so lucky to be in a community where folk are trying to be there for one another. It gave me the idea to put some prints around town and in turn, hopefully spread the love too.”

2. @haleydrewthis

Haley is a young Seattle-based artist who draws from personal experience. She’s worked from home for three years and in this illustration she shares her metaphorical toolkit for working from home success. The message? Know your own worth, build a virtual community, and expect some mistakes along the way.

3. @decade2doodles

Steph started drawing to illustrate what life in her twenties is like. In this Coronavirus-inspired picture, she sums up the importance of feeling like you’re getting dressed for work, and creating an end point to the working day. While still being comfy of course….

4. @pinks_and_roses

Mariya Popandpulo is a photographer and illustrator from Athens, whose black and pink line drawings capture what life is like when you’re one half of a mostly-happy couple. Here, she encapsulates the adjustment period of working from home when your partner is doing the same.

Stage 1: Feeling weird. Stage 2: One of you making some adjustments. Stage 3: The other one doing the same. Stage 4: Harmony. (Hopefully.)

5. @lizandmollie

Liz Fosslien works at Humu, a company that uses behavioural science to make work better, and help remote workers avoid burnout. She also illustrates her ideas on Instagram. This tile is for anyone who thinks working from home means never stopping. Being productive comes from making time for other things aside from just work.

6. @journey_to_wellness_

Rebekah is a New Zealand based illustrator and counsellor. She specialises drawings to help people, particularly those who suffer from anxiety, cope with what’s going on around them. She’s done a few COVID-19 illustrations, but this one deals with how to manage worries around coronavirus, and practical tips to help. Because you can’t even start working from home if you’re feeling anxious and unsettled.

Natasha Hinde contributed to this report.
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