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Big Brother's Angela On Evicting Talia: 'We're In 2020. That Bad Behaviour Is Not Tolerated'

Talia had told Angela "it’s going to be hell" if she was nominated for eviction.

’Big Brother Australia’s Angela Clancy has said she has no regrets about putting Talia Rycroft up for eviction after she made a “threat”.

“Talia, she had to go. I had to get rid of her because we’re in 2020. That bad behaviour is not tolerated anymore,” Angela told HuffPost Australia, referencing Talia’s “segregation” and “cliquey” tactics in the house.

Since entering the Big Brother house, Talia and housemate Daniel Gorringe had become the unofficial ‘King and Queen’ of the show, convincing others to form an alliance with them.

'Big Brother Australia' housemates Angela Clancy and Talia Rycroft
Channel 7
'Big Brother Australia' housemates Angela Clancy and Talia Rycroft

During Sunday night’s episode, Talia warned Angela it would be “hell” if she and Dan were nominated for eviction. Angela won the challenge and nominated them both, with Talia being evicted at the end of the episode.

“I think you need to be really careful Angie and let me tell you, if Dan or I get thrown up, it’s going to be hell,” Talia had said.

“When she said to me the previous night in the green room, ‘Whoever wins and nominated me and Dan, there’s going to be blood in the Big Brother house’, I took that as a threat,” Angela told HuffPost Australia. “I don’t take threats lightly.”

According to New Idea magazine, Talia has insisted she had Angela’s best interests at heart during that conversation.

“She pulled me aside and she just said, ‘Hey look, we’re good friends, best friends, I’d never put you up, if I win this challenge, I’d never put you up but I’m just letting you know, you’re in the firing line’,” Talia told the publication.

I said, ‘Of course, if I win today’s challenge, I would never put you up. And I know you’re also in the firing line’ and she took that as though I was threatening her but she was threatening me just as much.

“So I was shocked. She lied to my face, and if I had won that eviction challenge there’s no way I would’ve put Ange up after that conversation. So, it did hurt me.”

'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy
Channel 7
'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy

However Angela doesn’t believe Talia was looking out for her as a friend.

“No she wasn’t, she was all for herself,” she said, adding she felt Talia had “hidden agendas” to knock others off their game.

“Talia would wake us up at 2am in the morning, just crying about a boy, knowing very well that we have a challenge the next morning and we need to sleep.

“She’d wake up the girls at 2am crying over a boy on the outside she thinks she likes, but she’s got this boy who is Daniel [inside the house] that she likes and it’s like, ‘Girl, you’ve very selfish. Don’t wake me up at 2am... and I’m cuddling you’.”

‘Big Brother Australia’ continues on Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7.

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