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Bill Shorten Took A Very Long 16 Seconds To Skull A Beer

And Bob Hawke can drink three in that time.
Come on, Bill.
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Come on, Bill.

If there's one thing about Labor Party leader Bill Shorten and the various gimmicks that tend to come out of Australian politics -- from chomping down on Democracy Sausages to downing beers -- it's that he always gives them a red hot go.

But sometimes, plans go slightly awry and Shorten's left to bear the brunt of laughter that follows. This time it was the Federal Opposition leader's attempt to skull a beer as quick as he could -- the problem was that he just wasn't very quick at it.

Shorten was visiting flood-affected areas in parts of northern Queensland on Tuesday when he was handed the beer at a local pub and challenged to down the glass in the same way former Prime Minister and Labor Leader Bob Hawke has been since his stint in parliament, according to Junkee.

Sixteen seconds seems sluggish, especially when compared compared to Hawke's beer drinking prowess. Don't believe us? See for yourself below.

It's also not the first time Shorten's been the centre of attention for going about a political gimmick in an unexpected way. On election day in 2016, voters were sent into a flurry when he was snapped eating a sausage sizzle sandwich from the side.

He also got close and personal with local residents during that federal election campaign, which was the longest in Australia's history.

And also that time he was caught having a little dance while on a trip to Kiribati.

But like we said, at least he gives it a go.

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