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Bliss N Eso Actor Killed By Gun 'Loaded With Blanks' At Brisbane Film Set

Johann Ofner died on Monday afternoon after being shot at a bar.

The gun that shot a stunt actor dead on the scene of a music video clip in a Brisbane nightclub was "loaded with blanks", according to the management of hip-hop group Bliss N Eso.

Johann Ofner, 28, died on Monday after being shot on the set of a film clip for the popular group. Management for Bliss N Eso issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon, defending their actions and outlining the safety measures put in place for the film shoot.

"Johann was tragically fatally injured when a prop gun was discharged as part of filming a scene in Bliss n Eso's video clip. The gun was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition," the statement read.

"The exact cause of Johann's fatal injury is still to be confirmed, but as the gun was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition, the cause was not a bullet or live round. All of the appropriate permits were in place for the filming."

The group's management said a "licensed armourer was on location at the time to monitor the four firearms on site (one imitation, two hand guns and one shot gun)".

The statement said the film clip was for Bliss N Eso's song 'Friends Like You'. The scene being filmed inside the Brisbane nightclub was "a secondary scene depicting the robbery of a poker game".

"The poker segment was the final scene to be filmed after a week of filming and was the only scene to feature weapons and was a minor part of the overall story line," the statement said.

In a personal statement from the group themselves, Bliss N Eso said they were "devastated" by the incident.

"We continue to express our support and condolences to the family and friends of those so deeply affected by this sad event and appreciate your on-going understanding in this incredibly difficult time," the members said.

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