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Mum Captures Hilarious Moment Toddler Helps Younger Brother Escape From Cot During A Nap

A mum managed to capture the hilarious moment her toddler helped his baby brother escape from his cot on camera.

The footage was posted on a parenting blogger’s Facebook page ‘Daily Bumps’ and has been viewed an impressive 30 million times in two days.

In the video, the toddler hears his baby brother crying, so comes into the room, turns the light on, and gets to work.

The toddler puts a child’s chair into his brothers cot before climbing in himself.

Next (although not the safest way out the cot) the toddler uses the chair to help him climb out, showing his baby brother how to do it.

“Do this,” he says, as he climbs out.

As the baby boy is climbing out, the toddler reaches up to slowly grab him and pull him out of the cot.

Not bad planning for a little one.

“You got it Finn,” the older brother can be heard saying to the baby.

The video has been shared more than 320,000 times in the past two days and people were impressed by the big brother’s instructions.

“What I really like about this is that the older brother demonstrated how exactly should Finn go out of the crib,” one person wrote.

“I think a lot would give instructions through words instead. But, he made an effort to show him how it’s done - and children literally learn from what they see.

“Plus, another good thing is that he encouraged Finn when he was having hesitations.”

Another wrote: “Gotta say, he is an amazing big brother. Aside from helping his brother escape, you gotta love the: ‘You got this Finn! You can do it Finn!”

And another added: “Too funny, but don’t tell them it’s funny!”

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