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Bullying People For Something They Can't Change Is Pathetic And Wrong

It's not funny. It's not clever. It's shallow and ignorant.

This is my son Archie. He is 10. And I wouldn't normally share something like this, but I have to... I can't hold this in anymore.

Archie is the most beautiful boy you could ever meet. He cares about everyone, genuinely, with every bit of his heart. I have tried to teach him the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated -- it's a simple idea, and I could never have expected him to care so much about those words. If you fall, he will pick you up. If you are sad, he will try to make you smile. If you cry, he will hold your hand.

And as I write this, I cry.

You can see my beautiful boy has red hair... beautiful red hair. He didn't choose his hair, he can't change his hair, and he should not have to.

The first time Archie told me he was being bullied because of his hair, I encouraged him to "be strong buddy, you're amazing". I said they are just going for the "easy target". But when he comes to me and says he's being called a "f**king ranga", targeted for something he cannot change, I am broken... completely broken.

He is brave and strong and a far better person than most, and he tells me: "Don't worry, Dad, I'm fine." But I'm not... not at all. I'm sick of the hypocrisy and intolerance.


To all who think it's 'funny' to discriminate and bully someone for something they cannot change... you are no better than a racist or a homophobe.

You throw it out there in an attempt to seem witty or clever, and you are not.

You are as shallow and ignorant and pathetic as all the other narrow-minded bigots who inhabit our beautiful planet.

So take a really long, hard look at yourself, because if you perpetuate victimisation in your house, or your workplace, or on a stage, or on the radio or television, you are the problem. The boys who are picking on my son weren't born to be so mean, they have learnt from you.

And to all the gangly kids, the kids with big ears, the ones born in different countries, or with different coloured skin, a different way of speaking, or different anything that you can't change... I am here for you... 100 percent.

I will fight for you, just as I will fight for Archie... because all of this has to end.


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