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Try Not To Hold Your Breath As This Kitten Is Rescued From A 12th-Story Ledge

SPCA Singapore

One simple phone call can go a long way.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore posted a Facebook video of a hair-raising cat rescue to highlight World Animal Day Tuesday. The animal welfare organization said it was all possible because a concerned person saw a kitten in a tight, and very high-up, spot.

The feline in the video above had wandered out of its owner’s apartment and become stuck on a ledge 12 stories above the ground. SPCA Singapore rescued the kitty from a window after being notified. Local officers stood on the ground below with an opened blanket to assist.

“World Animal Day reminds us that we can make a difference with small acts of kindness such as reporting cases of animals in distress or creating a safe home for our pets,” SPCA Singapore wrote on its Facebook page.

Watch the dizzying ordeal in the video above, which was shot from the perspective of the device used during the rescue.

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