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Chris Hemsworth Discovers A Python In His Helmet During Quarantine

The "Extraction" actor reached his hand in and quickly pulled it away.

What Chris Hemsworth found in his motorcycle helmet while self-isolating might be enough to scare even Thor. (Fast forward to 3:00 above.)

The Australian actor, who of course plays the hammer-wielding Marvel superhero, said Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” he was cleaning out the garage the other day where his family has hunkered down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The home sits in the “jungle” in Australia, Hemsworth said, but he wasn’t thinking about that when he saw a flash of colour in his riding gear.

“I thought, oh, that’s a nice green scarf that’s been shoved into my motorbike helmet,” he told host Jimmy Kimmel.

“And this is all within a second or two as I’m reaching for it. And as I put my hand on it, it’s not a scarf. It’s a python,” he said.

Hemsworth reacted by pulling his hand back quickly. No need to summon the Avengers, but it gave him a start.

“I’m more wary of snakes than my wife is,” he said.

Hemsworth, who stars in the kidnap drama “Extraction” premiering Friday on Netflix, mentioned a tree snake later. So perhaps it was a green tree python, which is found in Australia.

If it looked anything like this green tree python, we might have been a wee bit more terrified.

A green tree python. Eek!
Artie Photography (Artie Ng) via Getty Images
A green tree python. Eek!
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