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Christmas Isn’t Cancelled, But Here’s What It Will Look Like In 2020

Christmas and COVID-19 can co-exist, but our plans may change slightly

There’s no question that Christmas will definitely look different in 2020. As COVID-19 restrictions ease across the country, most of us will be able to celebrate our usual traditions in some shape or form - with just a few adjustments along the way. So, dust off your Santa hat and find out how you’ll be able to celebrate this festive season…

The tradition: Santa photos

The adjustment: Queuing round the block to get your photo taken in Santa’s Grotto isn’t looking likely this year. But photos with the big guy in red are still possible, thanks to Officeworks’ new augmented reality Santa app. Through the power of augmented reality, you can place Santa in your room, pose next to him and snap a photo so it looks like you’re together. If you’re not happy with the pose, or how you look, you can just do it again until you’ve got a snap you’re happy with. Once you’re happy, save it to your camera roll before sharing it for free with friends and family. If you’d prefer a physical copy, send the image direct to Officeworks through the app to order prints. It’s the perfect way to make – safe - memories, and have some fun along the way.

The tradition: Christmas Parties

The adjustment: As restrictions ease across most parts of the country, Christmas parties will be possible, just not on the scale of previous years. Whole office parties where you can dance and prop up the bar at a big venue probably won’t be happening, but smaller team celebrations can go ahead. Most states still aren’t allowing mingling in restaurants or bars, but you’ll be allowed to sit with a group of people for dinner or drinks. Cheers to that.

The tradition: Endless beach days

The adjustment: Most of us will be allowed on the beach over Christmas, but social distancing restrictions will still apply. Local councils will monitor the numbers of people on beaches, and restrict access when necessary. Beachgoers are advised to try and avoid local hotspots in order to thin out numbers, and also hit the sand at different times of the day to avoid peak beach times.

The tradition: Fresh fish markets

The adjustment: Buying fresh seafood on Christmas morning is a yearly tradition for many people. It will still be possible to get fresh prawns and salmon, but this year you’ll be able to do it without someone’s elbow in your side, or battling to get to the front of the line. Many of the big seafood markets will have parking and entry restrictions, limitations on how many people enter the venue at one time, and one-way systems to encourage social distancing. It’s time to fire up that barbie.

The tradition: Live Christmas carols

The adjustment: Sitting with friends in the park to a backdrop of live Christmas music is something many communities look forward to every year. Although lots of local councils have postponed or cancelled this year’s events, some events will still be televised. So, get some friends round, make a picnic, and listen to the songs on screen.

Make this year’s Santa photo a virtual one, thanks to Officeworks. Take your photo with Santa right now, and go instore to print a copy.

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