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Commuter Chaos As Electrical Sparks Ground Melbourne Trains

Passengers were forced to leave the train and walk into the city.

Peak hour passengers on a train in Melbourne have been forced to evacuate after an electrical fault caused an explosion on the train's roof.

The explosion happened near Melbourne's Flinders Station this morning, dangerously close to overheard wires. However a Metro trains spokeswoman told 7 News there were no flames.

"It was an overhead wire issue, it was electrical, the train was not on fire," said the spokeswoman.

Firefighters arrived shortly after the explosion around 7:20 this morning. Passengers were told to leave the train and board the train behind it.

A passenger told the Herald Sun the train was in darkness for a short time before emergency lights came on.

Passengers were told the train was stuck under the Batman Bridge due to an electrical fault. People moved to the back drivers compartment before jumping onto the tracks and making their way by foot into the city.

The overhead power issue caused delays between Richmond and Flinders Street for up to half an hour. An investigation is underway as to what caused the electrical spark.

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