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Courteney Cox Shows Her Fridge And Pantry In Quarantine — And It's So Monica

Fans reacted to the "Friends" star's kitchen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Courteney Cox has been quarantined for almost two weeks during the coronavirus pandemic, and she’s got the dwindling food rations to show for it. (Fast forward to the 7:50 mark above.)

The “Friends” star revealed just how depleted her kitchen is ― and how organized ― by opening her fridge and pantry in an online chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday.

Cox explained that her 15-year-old daughter Coco had gone through the junk food, leaving, well, not much.

“So now we have empty jars,” Cox told the talk show host as she revealed the orderly arrangement in her pantry. “You can see how organised I am.”

“I am impressed by the organisation even though there’s no food in those jars,” Kimmel commented.

Cox replied, “Aren’t you? I’m so proud of it.”

Cox, whose HBO Max reunion special with “Friends” castmates has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, then opened the fridge and conceded, “We’re a little low here.” She noted that she would have to venture out to the supermarket, “which is the scariest part.”

Cox’s pride in her organisational skills and call for approval reminded viewers of her fastidious character Monica.

“Cox’s kitchen looks like it could be Monica’s kitchen,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

“Courtney’s fridge is “MONICA CLEAN,” another said.

“That is a Monica kitchen if ever there was one,” yet another YouTuber remarked.

And perhaps in the ultimate compliment, another person wrote: “She is more organised than Monica.”

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